The Avengers: Endgame Easter Eggs are starting to flood in after the digital release last week. Some of the hidden tidbits have been bigger than others and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are even finding continuity mistakes now. However, this time around, an eagle-eyed fan has discovered a clever nod to the Marvel Comics multiverse, which has been teased in other movies from within the MCU over the years. This one is definitely a blink-and-you-miss-it type of situation, but it was very much done on purpose.

The latest Endgame Easter Egg can be found when Scott Lang makes his way back from the Quantum Realm through the van portal. At the end of the Ant-Man and the Wasp, Lang was stuck in the bizarre world where time works differently after Thanos' mighty snap. The van and the rest of Lang's belongings are all in storage at the start of Endgame, which is where he pops up after a rat is able to get the portal open. When Lang emerges, we see his name on the storage locker along with the number of the unit: 616.

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This number won't mean a whole lot to MCU fans who are not into the comic side of things. 616 is the Marvel Comics multiverse, or Earth-616. It is the primary continuity in which most Marvel titles take place and it has been Marvel Studios projects. Most recently, Jake Gyllenhaal's Quentin Beck makes a reference to Earth-616 in Spider-Man: Far From Home, when he's telling Tom Holland's Peter Parker about his fictional background story, which was fascinating for the young superhero. To him, the multiverse was confirmed, though he may feel a little differently about it now after Beck was proven to be a fraud.

616 also makes an appearance in 2013's Thor: The Dark World when Erik Selvig wrote the number on a board and it shows up again in Iron Fist's season 2. For a lot of fans, it's the addition of these little Easter Eggs that are a part of making the MCU so successful. Endgame is approaching three hours, so there is a lot to unpack and the Russo Brothers tease that there are a lot more to find and discover, along with some private ones that are just for the cast, crew, and their families.

Doctor Strange in the Madness of the Multiverse is on the way and it looks like MCU fans are going to be treated to a lot more than just a few Easter Eggs involving the multiverse. We're still pretty far away from the movie hitting theaters, but out of the next crop of MCU Phase 4 movies, it is one of the most anticipated by the fans. While we wait for more information, there's plenty of time to go back and watch Endgame for some more clues. The multiverse Easter Egg was first discovered over at Reddit.