One anonymous Academy Award voter is not a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The male member of the Academy called movies like Avengers: Endgame "money grabs" and says, there's "no way" he'd ever vote for one. His stance on comic book movies comes at a time when they seem to be getting some extra attention from the Academy, especially with last year's Black Panther when it was nominated for Best Picture. However, there appear to be several people within the Academy that do not want to see the genre succeed.

Black Panther is the first comic book movie to get the Best Picture nomination and many saw this trend continuing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC's big screen adaptations. However, one Academy member, who asked to remain anonymous, isn't into the comic book movies and claims there are other within the Academy who feel the same way. He had this to say about the possibility of an Avengers movie getting awards.

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"First Man should have been nominated for Best Picture - it probably came in ninth or tenth - and its visual effects are pretty amazing. I think they were produced more on a stage - with models and old-school stuff - than the other nominees', which relied more on CGI, and I really respect that. There's just no way on earth that I will ever vote for anything with the word Avengers in the title; like a lot of people in the Academy, I don't respect money-grabs."

Marvel Studios is busy making movies that MCU fans will like. Their movies have been staying true to what hardcore fans enjoy while bringing in people who wouldn't normally check out a movie with superheroes. As far as getting any Oscars, that seems like it's just a bonus for the studio and not something they strive for when making the movies. Whatever the case may be, some members of the Academy do not want them to be nominated. With that being said, this member did have some positive things to say about Black Panther. He explains.

"It's a Marvel comic book movie, and it's not much better than any of the others, but you have to applaud it for its massive social impact and the pride it has given to so many people."

This particular member of the Academy had several gripes about the Academy Awards and some of the big winners this year. He calls Netflix's Roma, "the most expensive home movie ever made," and claims it has no business being nominated when the goal of the Academy is to get people into theaters to see the movies. He also claims many Academy members tried to get through Roma, but "were out after 20 minutes."

As for Bohemian Rhapsody, this member of the Academy didn't think it was very good except for the final ten minutes. He called the Queen biopic and A Star is Born "ordinary" and said, "they are films whose adulation I can't even begin to fathom." He also went on to say he wouldn't vote for anything with Bryan Singer's name attached, which is something many have talked about since the Academy Awards gave the biopic so much adulation and attention. You can read the rest of the interview over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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