The Russo Brothers had an incredibly difficult task of trying bring closure to eleven years-worth of storytelling. Avengers: Endgame is the end, and the directors enjoyed making the project without having to worry about what is coming next from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is not a luxury that they have had working with Marvel Studios previously. Now, the movie is out and absolutely crushing the box office, while the Russo Brothers discuss some of their decisions, including the post-credit scene idea. There are MAJOR SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame below, so read ahead at your own risk.

Avengers: Endgame breaks from eleven years of MCU tradition. There is no post-credit scene. Instead, we hear a clank noise, which is a callback to the first Iron Man movie, the project that kicked off the MCU eleven years ago. It's also a fitting tribute to Tony Stark and Robert Downey Jr. So why no traditional post-credit scene? Thankfully, the Russo Brothers recently took part in a Q&A session. Anthony Russo explains.

"The reason why there's no end credits is because our goal on this movie was simply to bring to a conclusion the 22 movies now that comprise the MCU for these 10 years of storytelling. I think one of the great creative upsides for Joe and I, as story tellers on this movie, was that this is the first MCU movie we got to tell where we weren't thinking about the future. We were simply thinking about the past, the journey that we've all been on together since that first Iron Man movie. And how do we bring the most epic sense of closure to that journey that we can possibly do. So that was our goal, and that was really why we had no tag."

The Russo Brothers make a good point. Avengers: Endgame is strongly rooted in the past and where the movie looks towards the most. That's not to say it doesn't tease the future of the MCU in places, including the Disney+ streaming service shows, but the focus is placed mainly on the past and what has been accomplished in those eleven years, which is quite a bit. For some MCU fans, it's like looking at a scrapbook from over the years.

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While Avengers: Endgame doesn't tease a future movie with a traditional post-credit scene, it is not the end of the MCU's Phase 3. We were all under the assumption that it was the final movie, but Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige recently revealed this summer's Spider-Man: Far From Home will actually be the final movie of Phase 3, which should hopefully drop a few hints as to what we can expect when Phase 4 begins. The highly anticipated sequel hits theaters on July 2nd.

The Russo Brothers have pulled off a pretty remarkable feat in taking 22 movies and putting an end to several story arcs in what many would call a satisfying conclusion. The MCU storytelling is unprecedented and will take a long time before anyone comes close to that kind of intense web of storytelling. The directing duo have really earned their MCU vacation. The Q&A news was first reported by CInemaBlend.

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