Leaked Avengers: Endgame promo art provides a new look at the original crew with some fresh additions. The trailer for the highly anticipated sequel was released earlier this month and hardcore Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been dissecting every frame from the short tease. Upon viewing the trailer and the leaked promo art, it's easy to see that the movie will be putting the focus on the original Avengers team with Nebula, Rocket, Ant-Man, Ronin, and Captain Marvel as they try and figure out a way to defeat the Mad Titan once and for all.

The promo art gives us new looks at Captain America, who appears to be strangely turning to dust, Black Widow, Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man. However, the coolest reveal is our best look yet at the official Ronin suit design in two separate images, one with a mask and the other pulling off a half and half look with Hawkeye. The Ronin reveal is a fan-favorite scene from the Avengers: Endgame trailer, especially for fans who were bummed that Clint Barton was not included in Infinity War.

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In addition to the original Avengers team, Nebula, Rocket, and Ant-Man are shown in the leaked Avengers: Endgame promo art. Nebula is shown with her back to the camera, while the other two images are pretty similar to other designs that we've seen previously. The Mad Titan is featured, wearing the conqueror's armor, which makes it seem that he might have a hard time fending off our heroes without his mighty Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos went into retirement after the events of Infinity War, so it will be interesting to see him return after achieving his goal.

Aside from Hulk (though Bruce Banner is shown), Captain Marvel is the outlier in the leaked Avengers: Endgame promo art. She does not appear in the trailer, but we know that she will be a pretty big asset for the Avengers as they take on Thanos for a second time. Carol Danvers is going to be the most powerful character from the MCU that has been featured on the big screen thus far, which could explain why the Mad Titan is back to wearing his armor.

The new Avengers: Endgame promo art will be used for t-shirts that are released when the movie is closer to hitting theaters. For now, the big takeaway is that we're going to see a focus on the original team as they attempt to reverse the events of Infinity War. We know that the dusted heroes will return, but we're unsure how it will go down, except for the fact that the Quantum Realm and time travel will be factors. It's just cool to see some extra looks at the heroes before we get introduced to a new trailer. You can check out the leaked Avengers: Endgame promo art below, thanks to the MCU News and Tweets Twitter account.