The Avengers: Endgame rerelease isn't sitting well with a few Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. Marvel Studios decided to put out the epic movie again with some bonus features in an attempt to become the highest grossing movie of all time. While the goal wasn't achieved over the weekend, Endgame did see a huge surge at the box office and reentered the top ten with over $5.5 million in ticket sales, which was a 178.5% boost over last weekend. Now, some MCU fans are expressing feelings of disappointment over the bonus material included in the rerelease. There are SPOILERS for the Avengers: Endgame rerelease below, so read ahead at your own risk.

When the Avengers: Endgame rerelease was first being promoted, an extra "unfinished" scene was a part of it. However, it seems some fans forgot or did not realize that the scene in question is unfinished and are taking their disappointment to social media. The aforementioned scene involves Smart Hulk saving some children from a fire and then making a phone call. But, Hulk isn't fully rendered and he looks more than a little like Shrek, or as one fans says, the "2003 Hulk game," which is not a compliment at all. Also, Hulk's mouth doesn't even move when he delivers his dialogue in the scene.

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Marvel Studios advertised that the Smart Hulk scene was unfinished, but it doesn't matter now. It's really only a matter of time before someone sets up a petition to have the studio make another rerelease with more satisfying bonus footage. Speaking of Endgame bonus footage, the Russo Brothers have said in the past that nearly everything they shot ended up in Endgame, noting there really wasn't a lot left on the cutting room floor. One fan had this to say.

"They could have done ANYTHING literally ANYTHING with the amount of footage they have. they could give us bloopers, deleted scenes, but they chose to give us a half assed clip that wasn't even completely rendered?? why???"

The Endgame rerelease has even sparked the Marvel vs. DC debate again, but over something entirely different than the usual beef. This time, it's who had the worst CGI, Superman's mustache removal in Justice League or Smart Hulk in the bonus scene from Endgame? There really isn't a contest here since the mustache was a part of the finished product, but nonetheless, the battle of the worst CGI marches on.

Maybe Marvel Studios could have chosen something better for the Endgame rerelease bonus material. But, this was an effort to get an extra boost at the box office, one that many MCU fans wanted to contribute to out of pride alone. James Cameron has started to come around to the comic book movie genre, but he has said some less than nice things about it over the years, leading to a lot of people wanting to take Avatar off of the highest grossing movie of all time throne. With that being said, Marvel Studios still has a ways to go to get Endgame on top. You can read some of the rerelease criticism below.