Karen Gillan almost spoiled Avengers: Endgame for Jack Black on his Jablinkski Gaming YouTube channel. The duo are currently on set for the production of Jumanji 3 and can be seen in costume for the interview and gaming session. Black recently launched his gaming show and has been giving viewers a unique look behind-the-scenes of his life, along with the production of the third movie in the Jumanji franchise. However, the actor felt he needed to learn more about Endgame while hanging with Gillan.

Karen Gillan plays Nebula in Avengers: Endgame and it has been rumored that she'll have a pretty large part this time around to take care of her "daddy issues" with Thanos. Jack Black set the actress up to play Crash Bandicoot on the PS4 while attempting to interview her and quickly noticed that she was sucked into the game. Trying to strike while he can, Black then asks Gillan about Endgame and she starts to answer right before figuring out what Black was getting at. It seems staged at the moment, but continuing to watch the video shows that she was really into the game.

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In addition for getting shot down for Endgame spoilers, Jack Black teased that Karen Gillan has a bigger part in Jumanji 3. He compliments her on having more to do in the sequel, but can't explain why because of the spoilers. The entire time that Black is talking, Gillan is sucked into playing Crash Bandicoot, barely giving Black any answers or reactions. It's a pretty entertaining video to watch, like most of his Jablinkski shows.

Jack Black was also able to get Karen Gillan to reveal her not-so-hidden talent of singing like pop star Britney Spears. Gillan sang an impressive version of Radiohead's "Creep" with Spears' voice and she nailed it, much like she did for Jimmy Kimmel with "Jingle Bells." It's important to note that she does so while still playing Crash Bandicoot, still attempting to uncover all of the boxes. It's a rather impressive move that even Black is impressed by as he sits next to his Jumanji 3 co-star.

Now that Captain Marvel is in theaters, it's time to ramp up for Endgame and the theories are starting to get even more rampant. Some new footage from the movie was shown at the annual Walt Disney shareholders meeting earlier this week and it reportedly contained footage of Earth's Mightiest Heroes with Carol Danvers as Karen Gillan's Nebula explains where Thanos probably went after the Decimation. Gillan holds a lot of spoilers under her cap with both Endgame and Jumanji 3, but she seems to be pretty good at keeping everything under wraps, which is unfortunate for MCU fans from all over the world who are waiting for anyone from the cast to slip up. You can watch the latest episode of Jablinkski with Karen Gillan below, thanks to the JablinkskiGames YouTube channel.