Another day, another new reveal about the parts of Avengers: Endgame that audiences did not get to see, but which fans are curious about all the same. One such question concerns the Pym Particles. This was a new type of technology that Tony Stark developed based on Hank Pym's research that allowed The Avengers to travel back and forward in time.

The tech fell into the hands of past Thanos after capturing a time-hopping Nebula. The Mad Titan then used it to bring his armies into the future and finish the destructive work his future self had started. Now the question is, since Nebula certainly did not possess enough Pym Particles for Thanos to steal that would allow him to bring an entire army through time, how did he manage to do so?

The answer is provided on the commentary track that accompanies the movie's digital release. The creative team behind the film has this explanation to offer.

"Now, the obvious assumption being that, Thanos who has a spaceship that can carry his army throughout the galaxy and conquer planets can also figure out how to... Science it up a little.... Add some Pym Particles... with his magician who can move matter."

The explanation does hold water. After all, Pym Particles are a breakthrough by Human standards, while it has been established that Thanos comes from a far more advanced civilization. He also has Ebony Maw at his beck and call, a being who can literally reshape matter. It is not too much of a stretch to say that Thanos would be able to reverse engineer the Pym Particles and create more for his own use.

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Further elaborating on the question of geniuses in the MCU, director Joe Russo added that Tony was able to create an earth-based Infinity Gauntlet thanks to the help of Bruce Banner and Rocket, both of whom are also genius level intellects. This also makes sense. Tony may be a smart man, but the gauntlet was forged by the most technologically advanced forger in the universe who harnessed the power of a dying star to fashion the device.

For Tony to make a similar gauntlet using Earth's resources and technology, he would need a lot of help. Fortunately, Bruce Banner is the equal of Tony in terms of brains, while Rocket, in addition to being a genius, has knowledge of technology and minerals from across the universe. Such information must have been crucial to be able to recreate the gauntlet, even if on a much smaller scale.

An intriguing question that future MCU movies will have to contend with is what role will the Pym Particles play in future installments of the franchise? The reason most series stay away from time travel is that, once you introduce the ability to forward or rewind time itself into the narrative, it becomes difficult to imagine any problem that could not be solved by going back in time to finish off the problem before it could become... you know, seriously problematic. It's the whole 'Go back in time to kill Hitler before he starts World War Two' issue.

Marvel will have to find a way to nullify the fact that The Avengers are now capable of time travel going forward. Or they could just embrace the concept, and make every new Avengers movie a time hopping flick, like an extended, superhero-themed episode of Doctor Who. This story first appeared on

Neeraj Chand