Chris Evans brought up interdimensional travel in a new segment promoting Avengers: Endgame. The cast and the Russo Brothers are currently out on the promotional tour for the epic movie and doing their best to not spoil anything. And for the most part, everybody has been doing a stellar job, even notorious spoiler Mark Ruffalo hasn't leaked out anything, which is rather remarkable. With that being said, it is believed he has had a few talks with some of the upper management at Marvel Studios for his past information leaks.

Stephen Colbert had some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes on his Just One Question segment. Colbert is really excited for Avengers: Endgame and he enjoyed seeing some of their answers to fan questions. When asked about the biggest enemy to the Avengers, everybody said Thanos, except for Chris Evans. Instead, he chose something much different. He explains.

"Honestly, I'd say chafing. If you've ever run through an interdimensional portal wearing a skin tight body suit, you know what I mean."

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been trying to figure out just exactly how Avengers: Endgame will reverse the Decimation and time travel has been one of the biggest theories floating around, especially through the use of the Quantum Realm. The crew have been seen in their white suits, which many believe to be for going into the Quantum Realm and it looks like Chris Evans just confirmed it. With that being said, there is no way the Russo Brothers would have put something into a trailer or TV spot that would spoil the movie in any way.

Time travel and the Quantum Realm will be a part of Avengers: Endgame, but it probably won't be the only thing Earth's Mightiest Heroes have going for them. It would be too easy with all of that power and the addition of Captain Marvel on their side. However, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have teased the Quantum Realm will play a large part in the future of the MCU, which means there could be multiple dimensions coming up in the MCU's Phase 4.

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The Russo Brothers previously said multiple realities will not be a part of infinity War and Endgame, but those two have been known to bend the truth in order to keep their secrets. Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson teased an MCU multiverse a few years ago, so things could end up getting pretty tricky in the near future. Maybe Peter Parker is truly dead in another dimension but alive and well in another, which allows for him to come back in this summer's Spider-Man: Far From Home. Obviously, this is all speculation at this time. But we'll all have our answers soon enough. Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th and you can check out the Just One Question segment with the stars below, thanks to the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick