Avengers: Endgame is going to have a much different feel to it than Infinity War. Co-director Joe Russo has revealed that the upcoming movie is much different in tone to last year's Infinity War and declares that it has more spoilers. A different tone is understandable, there's a reason why the two movies were separated into two distinct parts, but the aspect of containing more crazy plot twists seems unfathomable when compared to the last movie. However, Russo believes that they have truly made something special and unique with Endgame.

The Russo Brothers have made some of the biggest superhero movies of all time and there is a lot of pressure to get Avengers: Endgame right. Infinity War shocked audiences and offered a darker take on the superhero genre. Since the new movie and the last are tied together so closely, many are expecting a direct sequel, but that isn't the case. When asked how the two projects are different, Joe Russo had this to say.

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"That's a tricky one to answer without giving anything away, but I will say that the movie is definitely unique in tone. It has its own spirit that's different than Infinity War, which is why I was keen for us to separate the movies. Of course, we're handing off narratives and it's been serialized over 22 movies. But, it's different tonally than Infinity War and it is told from a different point of view. It was important for us in our minds as film directors to separate those two because we do not want to make the same movie twice, and ways that you can differentiate films are through tone and point of view."

After the Decimation shocked audiences, the Russo Brothers knew that Avengers: Endgame was going to have to step up. When asked about feeling outside pressure while making the movie, Joe Russo admitted that he and his brother, Anthony, definitely feel it. The co-director also says that the upcoming movie contains more aspects that fans will consider to be spoilers than Infinity War. He explains.

"Yeah, we do feel that way. At a certain point, I'm sure we'll write another letter this year that asks everyone to stay off the internet. I think this one has even more spoilers than the last one. This is a culture that wants everything now, and it's getting worse. The world is connected via social media, and information travels within seconds. If you've been following along with this narrative for 10 years, you're going to want to protect yourself. It's best to go in clean. I encourage people to go opening weekend because I'm sure everything is going to hit the internet the moment the movie hits the screen."

While some may look at Joe Russo's comments on the spoilers in Avengers: Endgame as a way to get fans into theaters on opening weekend, the director really doesn't have to do that. MCU fans are going to be flocking to theaters no matter what. But, Russo's comments on staying away from the internet that week and weekend are wise. Once the movie screens for the first time, spoilers are going to spread like wildfire, potentially ruining Endgame for a lot of fans.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th in North America and the day before internationally, meaning that spoilers are going to be everywhere. In an effort to go into the movie without any prior information, it will be best to see the movie as soon as possible, like a Thursday night preview screening, or avoid certain sites and social media. You can read the rest of the lengthy interview with Joe Russo over at Box Office Pro.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick