Marvel has released a brand new TV spot for Avengers: Endgame which is doing its very best job to try and convince fans to go see the movie one last time in theaters. Even if the follow-up to Infinity War didn't make another dime, it would go down as one of the most successful movies of all time. But since when has anyone ever walked away from a little more, quantifiable success in the form of box office dollars? Case in point, Marvel is re-releasing Avengers: Endgame this weekend and this TV spot is here to explain why that might be worth some of one's hard-earned money.

It's a very brief spot, clocking in at just 15 seconds. But it's not like the studio needs to hammer away at the point. It's already the second highest-grossing movie ever. The assumption seems to be that anyone who goes to see Avengers: Endgame in its re-released form this weekend is going to be seeing it for a second, third or even fourth time. As such, it's comprised of some of the most crowd-pleasing moments, such as the Captain America vs Captain America fight, Steve Rogers getting his hands on Mjolnir and Hulk putting on the gauntlet they made after successfully gathering all of the Infinity Stones.

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At the very end of the spot, the additional post-credit footage is teased. There are approximately six minutes of bonus content being attached after and/or during the credits. While it's common practice for Marvel fans to sit through the credits in order to see a tease for the future, it's not exactly common practice or the studio to say, "definitely sit through the credits because we've got something to show you." In this case, that will consist of a deleted scene and a preview of sorts for Spider-Man: Far From Home.

So why go out of the way to try and make this movie even more of a resounding success? The prevailing theory is that Marvel Studios wants to see Endgame outgross James Cameron's Avatar at the box office to become the highest-grossing movie of all time. Currently, it's about $36 million away from accomplishing that goal. This re-release won't generate that kind of money, but it's a start.

The other, more likely reason is to try and drum up a little extra juice for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which hits theaters next week. Not that Tom Holland's Spider-Man necessarily needs the help, as his upcoming solo entry has been earning rave reviews and is tracking for a big debut. But a little bit of help from the Avengers couldn't possibly hurt. Those interested in checkout out the Avengers: Endgame re-release can do so at a theater near you this weekend. Be sure to check out the new TV spot from the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott