Many fans guessed the Avengers: Endgame title before it was official confirmed by Marvel, and the directors even lied about it before hand. Now that we know the title and what it represents, some fans have wondered why keeping it a secret was such a big deal. Marvel big boss Kevin Feige has an answer to that question. And it makes sense.

Avengers: Endgame is only two months away from finally hitting the big screen. And in just a few weeks, we'll be getting Captain Marvel's first appearance at the local cineplex. So it goes without saying that this is an exciting time for the MCU. These two movies represent over a decade of filmmaking. And keeping the secrets behind these adventures is important for the filmmakers.

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The Avengers: Endgame title wasn't revealed until the first trailer dropped. Though we've seen a second trailer in the way of a truncated Super Bowl spot, we haven't really seen much from this sequel at all. Perhaps just two and a half minutes of footage in total, from a film that reportedly has a three hour runtime. So you can do the math. There is still a lot to discover once we're in our seats watching this one.

Though, some fans simply didn't think that Avengers: Endgame as a title was that much of a spoiler in itself. So, Kevin Feige is here to explain that it actually was, and why they kept it hidden away for so long, and even had to lie to fans about it.

"Well, I think I'd said that it all had gotten blown out of proportion to some extent. But it was a spoiler, because if you knew before Infinity War came out that the next movie was called Endgame, then you know that there wasn't an ending to Infinity War. But that had been the title of the movie from the moment we conceived of doing the two films. In large part,'s seeded right there. I mean, it's seeded in Ultron."

The Endgame title was first spoken by Tony Stark in Age of Ultron. Then it was once again muttered by Doctor Stranger in Infinity War. So, yes, the seeds were always there. And it serves as the perfect ending to Phase 3, with Spider-Man: Far From Home arriving later in the summer to start picking up the pieces and launch Marvel Phase 4.

Fans won't have to wait too much longer to start learning some important answers to questions asked by Infinity War. Advanced critic screenings for Captain Marvel have already confirmed that there will be some ties to Endgame, and then it all comes to its conclusion on April 26th, when the fourth and presumably final Avengers movie arrives for the world to see. We have a feeling this one is going to be a blockbuster that obliterates the box office. Kevin Feige's quote was pulled from Collider.