The love for the cult TV series Arrested Development runs deep, and Avengers: Infinity War directors the Russo Brothers have a pretty special relationship with the show. The brothers directed the very first episode of Arrested Development with Anthony Russo directing four more episodes and Joe Russo directing an additional nine episodes. As it turns out, the duo has been peppering the MCU with some Arrested Development spices, starting with Captain America: Civil War and now there's a new reference to the show in the upcoming, highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War.

Late last week, images and unfinished footage from Infinity War were leaked on to the web as a threat to Marvel to release the long-awaited trailer. Many assumed that the footage was all from the then upcoming trailer, but that is not the case as only a few of the shots ended up in the finished clip. Many were disappointed that the leaked footage lacked a certain purple villain, but Arrested Development fans were treated to a blue surprise instead, which did not end up in the trailer and instead focused on the purple Thanos guy who is kind of a big deal in Infinity War.

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Eagle-eyed Arrested Development fans noticed a blue man in tiny cut-off jean shorts as an item in The Collector's museum. Tobias Funke is seen in the background of a shot that features Zoe Saldana as the focus, but when the clip is freeze-framed, Tobias Fünke steals the shot. It doesn't look like it's actually comedian David Cross who famously played the mustached never-nude, Blue Man Group rejected, first ever Analrapist, Tobias Fünke, but it's definitely his likeness and it's really hard to miss. This Easter Egg is a lot bolder than the last one that the Russo Brothers snuck into Captain America: Civil War.

There's a scene in Civil War that features Ant-Man and Captain America and the world- famous Bluth family stair-car in the background of its big airport fight scene. The Bluth Company's logo isn't seen in the movie, but the red, white, and blue paint job on the personal stairway vehicle is very obvious. It's just a shame it didn't get used during the big fight, even if a vehicle that takes a full minute of standing on the gas pedal to get up to top speed isn't all that practical for a rapid, successful escape.

The Russo Brothers have come a long way since directing episodes of Arrested Development, but they have not forgotten their roots. In many ways, working on a big ensemble show like Arrested Development with such diverse characters including Gob and Tobias Fünke, really helped prepare the directing duo for the massive Avengers: Infinity War, which some might say is just one long Arrested Development episode, but with superhero weirdos as opposed to the regular weirdos on the comedy sitcom. You can check out the image in question below, courtesy of Fun with Guru's Twitter account and see Tobias Fünke's introduction into the MCU.