Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn recently saw Avengers: Infinity War and called the movie "Incredible." Now, Chris Pratt who plays Star-Lord in the Guardians series as well as the upcoming Infinity War has doubled down on Gunn's comments, calling it "the biggest movie of all time." As far as early hype is concerned, Pratt may very well be right. Infinity War has already destroyed pre-sale ticket records and the first trailer is officially the most watched trailer within 24 hours in YouTube history.

Empire Magazine has an in-depth look at Infinity War in their new issue, which has 6 different covers, each in varying degrees of quality, and they have been heaping praise on the movie as well. Chris Pratt, who will also star in Jurassic World 2 this summer, took to social media to comment on what James Gunn and Empire have said about Infinity War, adding that he's grateful to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Pratt also said that he can't wait for fans to finally see the movie. He had this to say.

"Empire is right! So grateful to be part of #Marvel's 10-year cinematic reign. James Gunn called me last night floored after having seen the movie. I expected no less. I can't wait until I'm parked in front of the screen popcorn in hand. I'm so excited for the world to see what we've been cooking up. I'm honored to be a part of what will be the biggest movie of all time."

Marvel Studios' Infinity War launched the second and final trailer last week and fans have been going over every frame to see if there are any clues to help with the mystery of the Infinity Stones. The Russo Brothers have been doing some light-hearted teasing as well as some serious interviews talking about the movie, doing their best to not let any information slip through. But the information that they have given has been pretty intriguing. For instance, many of the scenes regarding specific characters are modeled after different film genres. The Vision scene where he's getting the Mind Stone ripped from his head is considered to be based off of the horror genre, according to Anthony Russo.

The directors have also compared Infinity War to one big heist movie, with Thanos as the main character. Having the movie centered on the villain and his backstory is a pretty radical choice in a movie with so many superheroes. However, we know their backstories, so it's time for some light to be shed on the Mad Titan and his Black Order. From the Russo Brothers, to the cast, they all agree that Josh Brolin killed it as Thanos in Infinity War and say that the movie is basically his.

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Going off of the information that we have, Infinity War is going to have a pretty dark tone while reportedly going down as "the biggest movie ever," according to Chris Pratt. And he would know, he's worked on two Guardians of the Galaxy movies as well as two Jurassic World movies. For now, we wait but the good news is that it's not much longer. Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th and you can read the rest of what Star-Lord had to say about it from Chris Pratt's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick