Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War hasn't even been in theaters for a full week, but you can already pre-order the movie on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD. The movie is now the highest grossing debut in North American box office history earning over $257 million, knocking The Force Awakens to the number two slot. Additionally, the movie shattered the record for highest grossing debut worldwide, earning over $640 million. There's no signs of slowing down for Infinity War, which could end up as the highest grossing movie of all time if the hype continues.

While you can pre-order Infinity War, it won't be out until sometime in August, if we're to believe the targeted assumptions being made. The official release date has not been announced, but Best Buy had a date of August 14th listed, which has since been removed. Another site lists the release date as August 21st, so the correct date doesn't seem to have been nailed down yet. Best Buy is offering an exclusive steelbook with its cover featuring only Thanos as he wields the Infinity Gauntlet with a complete set of Infinity Stones. The set includes the 4K Ultra and the Blu-ray along with a digital download code as well, for $34.99.

Target partnered with Funko for an Infinity War package that includes an exclusive Iron Man Pop! figure. The figure is metallic red in color, modeled after the new nanotechnology suit featured in the movie. Target will also offer another set that will more than likely include a book with behind-the-scenes images like they have done for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Black Panther, and The Last Jedi. It hasn't been confirmed, as Target hasn't officially unveiled what will be available in the second set.

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Depending on when Infinity War is available in August, it will be available to purchase digitally 2 weeks before the physical release. It's too early to tell what will be included with the physical releases, but it will probably have some deleted scenes, commentary by the Russo Brothers, as well as some behind-the-scenes featurettes. It would really be cool if they made a feature-length documentary about the massive undertaking that Infinity War was and how they pulled everything together in such a cohesive manner. Or maybe let Taika Waititi do the commentary, that would be pretty good as well.

It's pretty amazing that Infinity War just came out and you can already pre-order the movie. Now, the choice will have to be made of where to buy and which exclusive that you want. The Best Buy steelbooks tend to disappear pretty quickly, so that might be the way to go. Or maybe you want the Target exclusive Funko Pop! Iron Man figure, which will also probably go pretty quickly. Or maybe you're more on the hardcore side of MCU fandom and you want it all. Better start saving your pennies now. You can check out an image of the Iron Man Pop! figure over at the Target website.

Kevin Burwick