After just seven days in release internationally and five days in release domestically, Avengers: Infinity War is speeding towards yet another box office record. The superhero ensemble just passed the $800 million worldwide plateau, with a domestic haul of $305.9 and an international total of $502.5 million for a worldwide total of $808.4 million. If Avengers: Infinity War continues on this pace, it could easily break yet another record set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as the fastest movie to reach $1 billion worldwide.

At this current pace, Avengers: Infinity War is expected to surpass the $1 billion plateau on either Friday, May 4, its original domestic release date before it was pushed to April 27, or Saturday, May 5, either its 10th or 11th day in worldwide release. Either of these dates would break the record of 12 days set by Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2012. It also recently set domestic box office records for the fastest to $150 million (2 days), $200 million (3 days), $250 million (3 days), and has tied Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the fastest to $300 million (5 days). It remains to be seen if Avengers: Infinity War can break or tie The Force Awakens' records for fastest to $350 million (6 days), $400 million (8 days), $450 million (9 days) and $500 million (10 days).

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Perhaps the most impressive part of Avengers: Infinity War's global box office prowess is the fact that it's been able to achieve so much without any help from the second largest box office market in the world, China. Avengers: Infinity War opened in practically every global market either on April 25 or April 27, with the exception of two, Russia (May 4) and China (May 11). The last Avengers movie, 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, earned $240.1 million in China alone, by far the biggest international market, while 2016's Captain America: Civil War pulled in $180.7 million in China, which was also the biggest total of the international markets, so it's possible that the Chinese release could vault Avengers: Infinity War towards even more records.

As of now, only three movies in history have surpassed $2 billion worldwide, Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($2.068 billion), the 1997 Best Picture winner Titanic ($2.187 billion) and the all-time global record holder Avatar ($2.788 billion), which is also the only movie to earn $2 billion from overseas markets alone ($2.027 billion). With the pace Avengers: Infinity War is on now, coupled with a huge showing in China, that could all add up to this Marvel Cinematic Universe superhero ensemble to join the rarified air of the $2 billion club. Whether or not it will be able to surpass these $2 billion hits remains to be seen.

The current foreign leaders for Avengers: Infinity War are South Korea, which leads all markets with $48.7 million, with the U.K. closely on its heels with $48.3 million with Mexico putting up an impressive $36.4 million. After just seven days, the $808.4 million global tally for Avengers: Infinity War has already surpassed the complete worldwide runs of Deadpool ($783.1 million), Guardians of the Galaxy ($773.3 million), The Amazing Spider-Man ($757.9 million), X-Men: Days of Future Past ($747.8 million) and Suicide Squad ($746.8 million), just to name a few. You can head over to The Hollywood Reporter for more on Avengers: Infinity War's global box office haul.