Now that Avengers: Infinity War is out to purchase digitally, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are able to watch the movie in stunning quality from the comfort of their own homes, which has led to some new discoveries. A few eagle-eyed fans have noticed that there is another Captain Marvel nod in the film aside from Nick Fury trying to contact Carol Danvers at the end. This new Easter Egg is very intriguing and has opened up a whole new world of speculation as to how Captain Marvel will fit into the MCU.

While the Russo Brothers have pretty much explained everything that fans have asked about in the Infinity War commentary, some internet detectives have discovered that Cull Obsidian from Thanos' Black Order has a very interesting accessory on his belt that has the exact same colors as Carol Danvers' suit along with the same line design. The red, gold, and blue colors match the Captain Marvel concept art for her regular suit. Obviously, this is no accident, and MCU fans are starting to try and figure out what this could mean.

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The general consensus is that Cull Obsidian has the accessory as a trophy of sorts. Perhaps he fought Captain Marvel before in the past. However, it's stated in Infinity War that the character has never let Thanos down, which means that he may have killed Carol Danvers. That theory seems a little unrealistic, but Mar-Vell was the first Captain Marvel and he wore those colors before Carol Danvers. So, it's entirely possible that Cull Obsidian could have had something to do with the death of Mar-Vell, who will be portrayed by Jude Law in the film. Mar-Vell trains Carol Danvers to use her powers in the comics, so he could have had a run-in with Cull Obsidian at some point.

If Cull Obsidian had anything to do with the death of Mar-Vell, this would provide a firm connection for Captain Marvel to be involved emotionally in the battle against Thanos. This is all speculation at this point since it hasn't even been confirmed that the Infinity War reference is really a Captain Marvel Easter Egg. But, it pretty much has to be after examining the look from the freeze frame image. The action figures of Cull Obsidian do not come with the Captain Marvel reference, but it's seen twice in the film.

Now that the Captain Marvel Easter Egg has been spotted in Infinity War, it's only a matter of time before more are discovered. If this Cull Obsidian theory holds to be true, there is a chance that he and the rest of the Black Order could show up in Captain Marvel as well, which would also be a neat way of tying Avengers 4 and the standalone Carol Danvers movie together. Again, this has not been officially confirmed by Marvel Studios, but you can take a look at the image below, thanks to some hardcore MCU fans on Reddit.