Infinity War is now less than 10 days away from hitting theaters and Marvel Studios is promoting the movie pretty much nonstop, releasing new promo spots and clips almost daily. And now, we have some new footage of Doctor Strange knocking some sense into a somewhat oblivious Tony Stark, who doesn't yet see the gravity of the situation. It's more on the humorous side of things, which has started to creep into the newest footage that has been released over the last several weeks.

The new Infinity War clip takes place within the Sanctum Sanctorum and features Tony Stark leaning against the Cauldron of the Cosmos as Doctor Strange tries to explain the impending threat of Thanos and his Black Order. The clip results in Stark getting a quick slap from Doctor Strange's Cloak to get back on track, which Stark "allows." The new clip is a good balance of talking about something pretty heavy and bringing in some light with a dash of comedy at the expense of Tony Stark.

Benedict Cumberbatch appeared on Good Morning Britain to promote Infinity War and spoke a little about the new clip. Instead of going in-depth about what we just saw, the actor humorously deflects and starts talking about the battle of the facial hair between himself and Robert Downey Jr. Cumberbatch also reflects about working on the set of Infinity War. He had this to say.

"Oh, there's always a big hoo-ha about that. Don't forget about me, you know. It was a good meeting of egos and facial hair. We don't kiss but we have similar stache things going on, goatee vibes. It was really daunting standing on set with those characters as well as those actors."

Additionally, Benedict Cumberbatch talked about how massive Infinity War really is. The actor is very careful not to spoil anything and talks about the last ten years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe instead. Cumberbatch also hypes up the movie by calling it one of the "most exciting" movies of the last decade. He explains.

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"This film is mind-blowingly epic. It is not underselling it to say that it is one of the grandest, most exciting movie events of the last decade. It feels like it has been building and building and building to this."

If Marvel fans weren't already hyped up to see Infinity War, they certainly should be now. Benedict Cumberbatch has been doing a great job keeping the secrets while raising the hype meter on his press tour and this stop was no different. Cumberbatch has a way of talking about the heavy events in the film while also bringing it all back to how much fun everybody had working on the set. If there's one thing that he's even more secretive about than Infinity War, it's whether or not we'll get a Doctor Strange 2. You can watch the new Infinity War clip and the rest of Benedict Cumberbatch's interview below, courtesy of the iTV website.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick