Disney and Marvel officially announced the Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray and DVD today, offering a first look at all the exciting special features. Many fans were disappointed that the recently rumored 3-hour extended cut of the movie wasn't included. Though we won't get to see that extra 30 minutes of footage that deep dives into Thanos' back story, the home video release is bringing some exciting deleted and extended scenes.

There will be over ten minutes of excised footage from Infinity War that will be included with the Blu-ray, which arrives August 14. Sadly, these only include four new scenes in total. The first one is called 'Happy Knows Best'. It runs at just one minute and twenty-three seconds. It gives us more of Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark and Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts as they argue over their upcoming wedding nuptials. The pair are surprised when a hassled Happy Hogan drives up to meet them, only to deliver an urgent request.

The second deleted scene, which is more of an extended scene, is called 'Hunt for the Mind Stone'. Which we all know is locked in Vision's forehead. Wanda Maximoff and a wounded Vision are trapped on a darkened street, where they attempt to hide from Thanos' brutal allies. This is right before Captain America and Black Widow show up in the actual movie to save the day. This extended moment from the finished film has a runtime of one minute and twenty-four seconds.

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The third, and possibly most fun, deleted scene is called 'The Guardians Get Their Groove Back'. It's an extra three minutes and twenty seconds with Peter Quill and the gang. Here, Star-Lord and Drax spar over their failed mission to Knowhere. Their quarrel is interrupted when Mantis shows up with dire news.

The final, and longest, of the deleted scenes will make those wanting an extended Thanos cut happy. We get more of the purple bad guy as well as his daughter Gamora. Big daddy confronts his little girl with a vision from her past. He then comes at Gamora for lying to him about the whereabouts of the Soul Stone.

Also listed under deleted and extended scenes is the Gag Reel, which is technically correct, as this is footage that was left on the cutting room floor. This blooper extravaganza weighs in at two full minutes and five second and promises that 'your favorite Super Heroes make super gaffes in this lighthearted collection of on-set antics.' This Blu-ray release also comes with an audio commentary from directors Anthony and Joe Russo and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. But it isn't noted if they're chatter-boxing over the deleted scenes or not, providing insight into why some of this stuff hit the cutting room floor.

The Infinity War Blu-ray and DVD will be coming home August 14, for all you fans obsessed with watching the movie on repeat. If you need it earlier than that, it hits digital platforms at the end of this month, on July 31. We'll have to hold out and see if Marvel and Disney offer up that rumored extended cut. They could be saving it for an anniversary edition way off in the future. We do know for a fact that all that extra footage does exist, and its completed. So this isn't just a dream. Here's a look at the Infinity War trailer released earlier today.

INfinity War Blu-Ray cover art
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B. Alan Orange