Kevin Smith has been through a lot this year, having survived a massive heart attack, but he has been doing great ever since the scare. One thing tSmith has been looking forward to for over a year is Avengers: Infinity War, and he just recently revealed that he's finally seen the movie. Twice. Possibly three times by the time of this writing. Comic fans have been waiting for the director's thoughts on the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and it appears that he liked it quite a bit. So much so it had him scream out in the theater.

In a new interview with TMZ, Kevin Smith thanked his open artery and stent for allowing him to watch Infinity War. As it turns out, the MCU movie was one of the first things on Smith's mind when he got out of the hospital, giving him something to look forward to. Anybody who even knows a little about Kevin Smith knows that he is a huge comic book fan, so this news should come as no surprise to anybody. He had this to say about the movie.

"Infinity War, I've seen it twice now, holds up, both times, I almost went to see it a third time today, it's fantastic."

Additionally, Kevin Smith talked about the reports of him yelling while watching Infinity War at an advanced screening. He revealed that it was true and teased which point had him shrieking like a little girl. Like a true pro, Smith does not spoil the movie at all. He explains.

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"As much as it put me on the edge of my seat, I was at a screening out here last week, a press screening on Monday or Tuesday, and so I saw it with a bunch of people in advance and there's a moment in the movie where you think something bad has really happened, I don't want to spoil it, and when it happened, I was like, Noo! I screamed out, and then I read about it in the Daily News a few days later. In the review, they were like, Kevin Smith, screamed No at a certain point, it is that movie that engages you. Thankfully, though, the open artery, thanks to the stent, made it watchable and I did not die. And that was the movie that, for me, when I got done with the heart attack, when I lived through it, I was like, F*ckin' A, I'm gonna see the Avengers."

Kevin Smith is known to get pretty emotional during some of his favorite comic book movies, so it makes perfect sense that he'd have some pretty intense reactions to Infinity War. However, Smith did not mention if he cried during the movie. Chances are he probably did, since he seems to cry quite a bit. After going through a massive heart attack and getting to see one of his favorite franchises culminate in something like Infinity War, you completely understand where he's coming from, so stop judging him.

It seems that MCU fans are an agreement with Kevin Smith's assessment on Infinity War, with many admitting to having already seen the movie more than once, and some even seeing it three times in the theater. What makes that important is that as of this writing, the movie has only been out for one whole week. You can check out what Kevin Smith had to say about Infinity War over at TMZ.

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