Last month, we reported that Avengers: Infinity War was getting ready to film at the historic Durham Cathedral, which was previously used for several exterior scenes at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movie franchise. While it was never confirmed when filming is exactly set to begin, the cathedral was to be closed for a "special event" last weekend. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo recently offered more details about the shoot, including that this landmark location will not be shot as the actual cathedral itself.

Sunderland Echo was present at a press conference, as the Russo Brothers were joined by Reverend Andrew Tremlett, where they said this iconic location will not appear as the actual cathedral. Although they wouldn't fully elaborate on what was being shot here. Andrew Tremlett added that the production has been respectful of their worship schedule. In fact, when a reporter asked what was happening in the cathedral, Joe Russo answered in the most cryptic manner possible.

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"There are some cameras. There are some actors, we won't say who, and every now and then we yell 'Action' and every now and then we yell 'Cut,' and something happens in between."

The director did go on to say how beautiful the city of Durham has been, and how welcoming the fans have been. His brother Anthony added that they have been inspired both inside and outside of the cathedral since they arrived in town. He added that they have been interacting with the fans since they first arrived, while sending out an iconic prop to show the fans, which may offer a bit of a spoiler for another upcoming Marvel movie. Here's what Joe Russo had to say below.

"We have had a lot of fans come along. We have been able to speak with them and we sent Thor's hammer out. We don't exist without the fans."

What's interesting is we saw in the Thor: Ragnarok trailer that the new villain Hela has destroyed Thor's hammer Mjolnir, but now it seems likely that he will get a new hammer to fight with in the Infinity War movie. Of course, it's also possible that they simply had the prop on hand at the time, and it may not have any specific bearing on the scenes being shot at Durham Cathedral. This shoot isn't expected to be a long one, though, since it has already been confirmed that shooting will move across the pond next week.

We reported in March that the Marvel production was seeking extras for an Avengers 3 New York City shoot that was tentatively slated to begin on May 19. It hasn't been confirmed if that is still the start date for this New York shoot, who will all be present in these scenes, and what will be filmed. Chris Evans revealed last month that he doesn't even start filming until May, so it's possible that he will be present for both the Durham Cathedral shoot and this New York City shoot as well, but that has yet to be confirmed. It was also recently confirmed that Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 won't be shot back-to-back, with the production taking a brief break after Infinity War wraps, before moving on to Avengers 4. While we don't have photos of Thor's hammer being shown off at Durham, we do have a few tweets of Chris Hemsworth signing a toy hammer for a very young and VERY excited fan.