Avengers: Infinity War kicked off quite the international phenomenon with websites dedicated to letting Marvel Cinematic Devotees know if they would have survived the Mad Titan's snap all the way to a social media forum devoted to spreading the word that Thanos did nothing wrong. And now, just in time to promote the digital release and upcoming Blu-ray release, we have a new Facebook AR experience that allows users to experience the mighty snap of Thanos, reducing them to dust, just like their favorite superheroes from the movie.

Facebook has been following in the footsteps of Snapchat over the past few years, adding goofy filters to trap user data while giving them dog ears or a mustache. However, the controversial social media giant has paired with Marvel Studios for the ultimate Infinity War augmented reality filter, which snaps your picture as Thanos snaps his fingers. And then poof! You turn to dust, just like Peter Parker did in Tony Stark's arms or Nick Fury right before he sent a distress message to Captain Marvel.

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Facebook isn't exactly restoring balance to the universe, but it's still pretty fun, especially for big fans of Infinity War. The new AR experience is being used to promote the release of the epic film digitally, which boasts a ton of extra features, including deleted scenes, a gag reel, and director commentary. The Russo Brothers' commentary has shed a whole new light on the movie, providing some background information where there were possible gaps, or teasing that Korg from Thor: Ragnarok didn't survive the attack by Thanos in his Black Order at the beginning of Infinity War.

While the Infinity War bonus features are all pretty awesome, they're still not scratching that Avengers 4 itch. There have been little tidbits revealing that Chris Evans' Steve Rogers will have a larger role, but that was to be expected since he wasn't in a whole lot of Infinity War. The real questions are how Captain Marvel and the Quantum Realm from Ant-Man and the Wasp will factor into the highly anticipated conclusion to the Avengers saga. How will Peter Parker, Nick Fury, T'Challa, and the rest of the dusted heroes make their return to the MCU? That's the real question.

While there are a million questions about Avengers 4, the new Infinity War AR experience will kill a few minutes of waiting for the next installment. Plus, you can share yourself as the victim of the Mad Titan's attempt to restore balance to the universe. This should be an eye opening experience for those of us who survived that mass ban from the Thanos Did Nothing Wrong subreddit as well as the random website that revealed your fate. Now, we can all get a chance to turn to dust and share it on social media. You can try the Infinity War AR experience over at Facebook.