A new fan-made Infinity War edit features Hugh Jackman's Wolverine killing Thanos. There was speculation for a while about Weapon X possibly giving the Mad Titan his facial scars in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that ultimately did not prove to be true. Regardless, this is another battle that many have wondered about over the years in terms of the Adamantium claws taking down the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos, and as you can guess, it's a divisive subject. With that being said, there are many who believe Wolverine could have prevented the Decimation or at least slowed it down.

The latest fan video by Moritz Abendan takes footage from Infinity War and X3: The Last Stand to show Wolverine taking down the Mad Titan. The villain keeps trying to snap Weapon X out of existence, but the hero's regenerative abilities keep that from happening. In the end, Thanos gets what he deserves with some Adamantium claws. However, he did not go for the head either. Plus, there's the question of all the snaps Thanos completes. While Wolverine was able to take down Thanos, he may have made the Decimation ten times worse as seen in the fan-made video.

Thor famously had the chance to kill Thanos in Infinity War and decided to give a speech first before sending his Stormbreaker axe into the villain's chest, which ultimately allowed the snap to happen since The God of Thunder didn't put the axe through Thanos' massive head. Avengers: Endgame changed things drastically as Thor went for the head, but it was too late. Maybe Wolverine could have helped out had the Fox and Disney deal closed sooner.

When looking at how the battle could have gone on in another reality, the money is on Thanos for the win. In addition to his genius-level intelligence combined with his battle experience at brute strength, he would be a formidable foe. Just ask Hulk. But, with the Infinity Gauntlet and all of the Infinity Stones, he's basically unstoppable unless Wolverine can get to him by sneaking up and taking out his head. This did not work out so well for Loki, but he did not have the strength or powers of Wolverine. With Thanos' vulnerability to sharp objects, Wolverine would have to really use his head before going in.

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Maybe we'll end up seeing an MCU version of Wolverine taking down the Mad Titan in the future. Fans would probably be pretty happy to see that, even though many wish that Hugh Jackman would stay on as the hero. Jackman is finished with the role and doesn't appear to be coming back, no matter how hard Ryan Reynolds begs and pleads on social media. While we wait to see what Marvel Studios ends up doing with Wolverine and the X-Men franchise, you can watch the hero take down Thanos below, thanks to Moritz Abendan's YouTube channel.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick