The Avengers: Infinity War Hawkeye controversy has gotten to a new level with Marvel fans. The Russo Brothers have assured worried fans that it will all be explained soon, when the movie is finally released. However, with the new discovery of Ant-Man in the new IMAX Infinity War poster, Clint Barton fans are getting even more out there, and one particular fan has taken his love or obsession with Hawkeye to the next level.

In the wake of the absence of Hawkeye from the Infinity War promotional campaign, the Marvel Studios subreddit decided to dedicate itself to the missing superhero. This started a trend of trying to do outrageous things for upvotes and one desperate Redditor, interp21, declared that he would get a Hawkeye tattoo if his post got 15,000 upvotes. In a small amount of time, the post went from hundreds of likes to thousands. The post currently has over 20,000 likes and the interp21 decided that he had to stay true to his promise.

The result is a pretty stylish tattoo of Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye. It's done in all black ink and has the Infinity Stones in color. However, the placement is kind of peculiar and it's pretty damn big. We're not talking a little tribute to Hawkeye here at all, and this could be one of those decisions that ends up with some pretty interesting questions down the line. At the very least, interp21 has a pretty good story surrounding his tattoo and he's obviously a man of his word. Plus, it's clearly better than a dolphin on the ankle.

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The Hawkeye tattoo has been shared on Twitter with Jeremy Renner, but the actor has yet to respond. Out of all of things that people have been promising to do for their Infinity War posts, the tattoo sticks out like a sore thumb. We've seen petitions and conversations as well as arguments and even people offering to eat Infinity War posters, but the tattoo is sure to get some traction as well as some criticism. The Russo Brothers will probably get a big kick out of it and will more than likely share it along with their quote about the Hawkeye storyline in the movie.

Infinity War is only a few weeks away and the hype is obviously driving some Marvel fans a bit nutty. Hawkeye's storyline will be explained on April 27th, which is very soon, and much like the tattoo, the story will be there forever. Let's just hope that Infinity War, and in particular, Clint Barton's story lives up to the massive hype surrounding it. While we wait for all of the answers, you can check out the Reddit post that started it all, as well as a picture of the brand-new freshly done Hawkeye tattoo below, thanks to AndArrows' Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick