Thanos is finally coming and we have the footage to prove it. That's right, Marvel fans! Disney wanted to make a big impression at D23 and, as such, they decided to bring some footage from Avengers: Infinity War to the party. Sadly, they just didn't release it for everyone to see. They didn't want to leave the fans at San Diego Comic-Con out, so they brought the footage to Hall H as well. They didn't intend for the footage to make it online after SDCC either, but fans simply can't be trusted. As such, some of the footage has leaked online and you can check it out right now. But you're going to want to watch it while you still can.

Marvel is always going to have a presence at San Diego Comic-Con. That's a given. But they decided to bring the biggest movie on their upcoming slate to D23 this year as well. Why not? It is Disney's event, after all. No better place to finally reveal some Avengers: Infinity War footage for the first time. But why not bring that, as well as some of their other upcoming movies, to San Diego Comic-Con? And that's exactly what they did. Marvel Studios previously released a behind-the-scenes video that teased the massive event film, and, at least in an official capacity, that is all they have given us. But this first bit of footage, even though it isn't ideal, totally lives up to the hype.

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Avengers: Infinity War serves as the culmination of a decade worth of MCU movies and it is going to live up to that legacy. The footage is absolutely loaded with stuff to unpack. Captain America is rocking a beard looking full-on Nomad, Black Widow is blonde for some reason, Loki is up to no good. But like, way worse than we're used to and the Guardians hit Thor with their spaceship. Oh and did we mention that Thanos throws a planet? Because Thanos throws a planet. And Spider-Man definitely uses his Spidey sense. It is also pretty slim on the humor. This looks dark, serious and intense. We don't get to see all of that in this brief leak, but this gives a great taste of what to expect.

Joe Russo and Anthony Russo very successfully directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War. That led to Kevin Feige putting them in charge of directing the next two Avengers installments for Marvel, which includes Avengers: Infinity War and the still untitled Avengers 4. That is an awful lot to trust the directing duo with, considering that these movies are going to be the culmination of everything that the MCU has accomplished over the last decade. No pressure, gentleman. But considering Captain America: Civil war is one of the highest-grossing MCU movies and both of their efforts are considered to be among the best Marvel has put out, they probably don't have reason to be concerned. The Avengers are in good hands.

Avengers: Infinity War is poised to rule the summer box office next year when it arrives on May 4, 2018. Avengers 4 is going to follow a year later on May 3, 2019, which will be bringing an end to Marvel's Phase 3 plans. It's all been leading to this. Thanos is here. The Infinity Stones have been gathered. The world needs saving and The Avengers are the ones who have to do it.

By request of the studio, this footage has been removed.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott