Avengers: Infinity War is already breaking records for its massive pre-sales, beating the previous 7 MCU movies combined. They're doing so well that Marvel Studios' latest marketing tactic consists of them just giving Infinity War tickets away to anyone that can find them.

Considering the massive budget Disney and Marvel Studios have put into Avengers: Infinity War, there is a lot at stake for this particular project. They have put out a fair number of trailers and TV spots to promote their latest movie, as they always do, but they didn't stop there. Marvel has also released a large number of posters on social media promoting the 22 main heroes in Infinity War, in addition to a number of other marketing strategies. However, the latest discovery about their marketing might be the most peculiar of all.

Marvel fans in Australia have begun to notice a number of Infinity War posters scattered around Sydney, Melbourne, and a couple other major cities in the country. These posters have a yellow border around them, and feature a picture of Thanos captioned "Do you dare remove Thanos?"

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Upon investigation of these posters, many fans discovered that the yellow border was actually an incision, and part of the poster could easily peel off to reveal Infinity War tickets hidden inside! The types of tickets varied from double in-season passes to see the movie to double-passes to see a pre-screening before the movie even releases. This is certainly something exciting for Marvel fans who are anxious to see Infinity War and want to get access to an early screening of the movie before its release next Friday.

The major prizes of attending a pre-screening of the movie have special instructions for everyone that finds them, as there will only be two pre-screenings for the movie as part of this promotion, one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

"Once you have peeled off the poster from its location and claimed the Major Prize, you must follow the instructions on the Major Prize notification to email Marvel AUNZ at [email protected] Your email must include your contact details and the authentic code for the Major Prize you have claimed. Each Major Prize has its own authentic code, which will be located on each Major Prize notification."

While these promotions have only appeared in Australia so far, fans around the world should keep their eyes out, especially in major cities like London, New York City, and Los Angeles. It may seem like a long shot, but if you come across a public Avengers 3 poster with a yellow border around it, it may be worth checking to see if there's a set of tickets hidden inside.

Just when we thought Marvel Studios had done all they could to get people excited for Avengers: Infinity War, they go and prove us wrong. This is one of the most creative marketing tactics of recent years that will keep people thinking about the movie even when they are just walking down the street. With the release of Infinity War less than two weeks away, it is safe to say that the movie's hype is at an all-time high.

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