Humor plays a large role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and there's a lot of it spread out in Avengers: Infinity War, serving as some light to all of the darkness that permeates the film. Before the movie hit theaters, the Russo Brothers revealed that the movie had a lot of jokes crammed into it, which led to some worried fans. However, there's so much darkness in Infinity War that many forget that there were some pretty hilarious scenes, too. There are some major SPOILERS ahead for Infinity War, so read at your own risk.

The Guardians of the Galaxy franchise along with last year's Thor: Ragnarok put a focus on comedy that the MCU hadn't seen before. James Gunn brought the Guardians to life on the big screen with a focus on music and lighthearted comedy to some pretty messed up characters who have all had traumatic experiences. The humor is used in a way to offset the darkness, which is the same for Infinity War, only the stakes are higher.

Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok took Chris Hemsworth's Thor character and reinvented him. The overly serious version of the character has been replaced with a more wisecracking hero, leading to some very humorous moments. In addition, Ragnarok leads directly into Infinity War with the post-credit scene featuring Thanos' ship getting ready to attack the Asgardians. While the humor was lost at that very moment, it comes back in time for Thor to meet some new allies.

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It's only natural that when the Guardians of the Galaxy meet up with Thor in Infinity War that some hilarity is going to take place. The way all of the characters interact is almost too perfect and the same can be said for just about anytime Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr. share scenes together. There's a lot of heavy elements in Infinity War that are anchored by the bits of humor that keep it from getting too bleak.

With that being said, we've compiled some of the funniest moments from Infinity War together to let everybody remember that movie isn't just all doom and gloom. The movie will, oddly enough, probably go down as both the funniest and darkest movie of the MCU to be released thus far. And again, there are major SPOILERS ahead, you have been warned. Check out the funniest moments from Infinity War below.

Rocket Raccoon giving Thor an eye.

Thor and Rocket Raccoon in Infinity War

The mystery of Thor's eye has now been solved, thanks to Infinity War. There was much talk and speculation about his eye because some of the promotional material for the movie showed him with both eyes while some showed him with the eyepatch, leading to much confusion amongst fans. Rocket obtained a prosthetic leg and a cybernetic eye in past Guardians movies, and now that eye has come into play. In a tender moment, Rocket gives Thor the new eye before the Stormbreaker axe is constructed. Just don't ask him how he smuggled it out...

Nick Fury post-credit scene.

Nick Fury Post-Credit Infinity War

Samuel L. Jackson wasn't shown off in any of the promotional material for Infinity War and was later revealed to be in the movie after the credits had been leaked online. Jackson's Nick Fury shows up in the post-credit scene, on Earth as everybody is starting to die after the snap of Thanos. Jackson is known for his colorful language in a lot of his movies, but he hasn't really shown that side of himself in the MCU until now. Right before he completely disintegrates, he lets out about half of a "mother*cker," which was the perfect way to end Infinity War.

Bruce Banner trying the Hulkbuster suit for the first time.

Hulkbuster Infinity War

The Hulk isn't too excited to come back and face Thanos after meeting for the first time on the Asgardian ship at the beginning of Infinity War, which leads to Bruce Banner getting into the Hulkbuster suit on Wakanda. He's pretty excited when he first starts running around, and then just takes a giant fall after tripping on a rock. The camera then pans over to Danai Gurira's Okoye rolling her eyes as they continue to charge into battle.

Anytime Tony Stark and Doctor Strange are in the same scene.

Tony Stark and Doctor Strange in Infinity War

Tony Stark meets Doctor Strange at the beginning of Infinity War and pretty much calls Strange and Wong "wizards" throughout the rest of the movie. The two have a funny rivalry, with Doctor Strange even smacking Stark for leaning on the Cauldron of the Cosmos in the Sanctum Santorum. It's also during one of these scenes that Stark informs Bruce Banner that the Avengers have broken up, to which Banner asks, "like the Beatles?"

Rocket Raccoon and Bucky fighting together.

Rocket Raccoon and Bucky in Infinity War

During the intense battle in Wakanda, Bucky and Rocket Raccoon are seen fighting side by side, until Bucky picks up Rocket for a funny spin movie, basically using the raccoon as another weapon. Rocket is instantly impressed and then asks Bucky how much for his gun, to which Bucky declares that it's not for sale. Hilariously, Rocket then asks Bucky about is new Wakandan arm, and then mutters something under his breath about getting his hands on it.

The Guardians of the Galaxy meeting Thor.

Guardians of the Galaxy Meet Thor Infinity War

One of the funniest scenes in Infinity War takes place when the Guardians of the Galaxy come into contact with Thor for the first time. From when he crashes into the ship and Rocket Raccoon yells to turn on the windshield wipers to when he's brought on board, it's all hilarious. When Thor is brought inside the ship Peter Quill wonders how "this dude is still alive," to which Drax responds, "he is not a dude." He then calls Peter a dude and says that Thor is a "man, a handsome, muscular man." Quill is instantly jealous of Thor after his whole team marvels at his physique. Rocket even tells Quill that he's one sandwich away from "fat."

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