It looks like the Russo brothers are in on the missing Hawkeye bit when it comes to Avengers: Infinity War. The difference is, they directed the movie, so they absolutely know where he is and why he hasn't been featured in the marketing so far. In any case, they decided to change their Facebook cover photo to a fan poster that swaps out every single character, save for Thanos, for Clint Barton instead. It appears as though they're trolling the fanbase a bit with this one.

The Russo brothers aren't what you would call very active on social media. They have joint accounts and don't post often. However, when they do, it's usually with an important update, something terribly vague, or they're just having a bit of fun with fans. In this case, it looks like the third option. Ever since the final trailer and main poster for Avengers: Infinity War were unveiled, fans have been wondering why Hawkeye isn't featured. So much so that some have created fan posters, such as the one now featured on the director's Facebook page, in order to include him in the action.

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Now the question becomes, why would Joe Russo and Anthony Russo do such a thing? Beyond messing with the fanbase when it comes to Jeremy Renner's very noticeable absence, this actually could be a good sign for those who hope Hawkeye doesn't get the shortest end of the stick in Avengers: Infinity War. Would the directors of the biggest movie of the year do something like this, especially when working for a company like Marvel Studios, if Hawkeye had an unsatisfying role in the movie? That seems unlikely. So, in their own way, the duo could be reassuring fans that their concerns, though valid, may not be totally necessary.

Either way, it is downright suspicious just how absent Hawkeye has been from the Infinity War marketing campaign so far. Even a recent set of team-up posters didn't shuffle Clint into his respective hero group. So why isn't he included in any of the posters or trailers? The increasingly logical answer is that knowing anything about Hawkeye's whereabouts or how he factors into the movie will be a spoiler. Marvel has been terribly careful about not giving too much away with this one and if Hawkeye has a surprise or two waiting for us, or him, in the movie, they're not going to spoil it.

What we know for sure is that Jeremy Renner is in the new Avengers movie being released this year and Avengers 4 next year. So despite the fact that he's nowhere to be found currently, we're going to see him on April 27 when Infinity War finally arrives in theaters. What good is a bow and arrow going to do against Thanos? We'll have to wait and see for ourselves. Be sure to check out the Russo Brothers Facebook page for their new Hawkeye-centric cover photo.