It's safe to say that Thor has had a pretty intense character arc over the past 7 years, arguably one of the more dramatic turns in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Each director has brought their own unique take on the Thor character, but it was Taika Waititi's version in Thor: Ragnarok that resonated with fans and actor Chris Hemsworth the most and also showed the character going through the most struggle. In a new interview, Hemsworth voiced his early concerns about the Russo Brothers possibly undoing all of the progress in Avengers: Infinity War that Thor had made under the direction of Waititi.

Before Thor: Ragnarok, Chris Hemsworth was a little burnt out on the character, but Taika Waititi's vision, along with his sense of collaboration, regained Hemsworth's confidence and enthusiasm in the character again. Instead of the Shakespearian undertones of the first movie, Waititi put Thor in a colorful, but vulnerable state. His hammer was destroyed, his father died, he discovered his sister was evil, and he lost Asgard and an eye. Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi completely created a new version of Thor that the actor did not want to lose when he joined the ranks in Infinity War.

When Chris Hemsworth met with the Russo Brothers to discuss Infinity War, the actor practically had a set of demands. He said, "I came into this and called Joe and Anthony and said, Look, don't write me the old Thor, we've got a new Thor now." However, the directors told Hemsworth that they had reinvented the character yet again, which was something that took the actor some time to wrap his head around. Hemsworth said, "I was like no, no, no and I was really protective of what I'd created with Taika."

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The Russo Brothers were able to comfort Chris Hemsworth by telling them about their new version of the Thor character and he was able to accept it. Though he accepted the idea, it took him time to understand. He had this to say.

"They then said, No this is a whole different thing; Thor's never faced something like this, never been a part of this large and ensemble. I think for our characters it was difficult but for me a hugely exciting adventure."

After he was able to wrap his head around another change, Chris Hemsworth admits to being excited with what he was able to pull off in Infinity War. All of his trepidation came from not thinking that he pulled his weight in past Avengers movies.

Now that he's finished with his parts, Chris Hemsworth is excited about his version of Thor in Infinity War, noting that he was able to contribute to the character, much like he did while working with Taika Waititi. He said, "For me, I've loved this experience because I've felt a little more confidence to try new things or kinda say maybe my opinion has some value and put it forward." This bodes well for fans that were potentially just as worried as Chris Hemsworth about losing the new version of Thor from the last movie. Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th and you can read the rest of the interview with Chris Hemsworth over at News.AU.

Kevin Burwick