Marvel's Infinity War opened just days ago and fans have been noticing more and more about the epic movie. One of the new findings is a reference to the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Since Infinity War just came out, there will likely be new discoveries made in the coming weeks and months, after repeat viewings take place. As for now, there's already been some pretty good references, but they weren't really hidden to begin with. There are mild SPOILERS for Infinity War below, so read ahead at your own risk.

Doctor Strange meets up with the Avengers early on in Infinity War and soon finds himself battling Thanos' Black Order on the streets of New York. In one particular scene, Ebony Maw, in an attempt to obtain the Time Stone, has Doctor Strange pinned to a building where he grabs the Eye of Agamotto from around Strange's neck. When Maw gets his hand on the Eye, his palm is severely burned thanks to Strange's protective spell.

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This is very similar to a scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Ronald Lacey's Major Arnold Toht attempts to grab the headpiece of the Staff of Ra. The headpiece had been surrounded my flames moments before and Toht's hand gets the same burn as Ebony Maw, which causes Toht to scream and run out of the bar, putting his hand in the snow. It all happens so quickly in Infinity War, but it is surely an intentional nod to one of the most iconic movies of all time.

Other things that fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have figured out from watching Infinity War include a nod to the cult favorite show Arrested Development, which the Russo Brothers worked on. During the scene on Knowhere, the Never Nude, Tobias Funke can be seen in one of the Collector's cases all in blue. This is the second Arrested Development Easter Egg that the Russo Brothers have placed in the MCU. In Captain America: Civil War, the Bluth's stair truck can be seen during the massive airport fighting scene.

Throughout Infinity War there are nods to SpongeBob SquarePants when Tony Stark calls Ebony Maw Squidward, as well as mentions of Aliens and Footloose by the Avengers' newest and youngest member, Spider-Man. Fans are even thinking that some of Doctor Strange's fighting moves were lifted from Naruto. At one point during the battle on Titan, Strange clones himself in an effort to defeat Thanos, and some MCU fans believe that the scene is a direct nod to Naruto. However, Doctor Strange has the ability in the comics, so it's more than likely just a coincidence. You can check out the Raiders of the Last Ark scene in question below, but you can't see the Infinity War scene just yet for obvious reasons. You can read more about Infinity War over at Marvel Studios.