Jimmy Fallon welcomed Infinity War star Anthony Mackie on The Tonight Show to promote the highly anticipated movie. However, this was no ordinary appearance for Mackie. The actor was invited to play a game of Karate Piñata.


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Anthony Mackie wasn't just going to kick some piñatas by himself in the Fiesta Ring. Jimmy Fallon brought out Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio to the stage. The announcement seemed to be a legitimate surprise for Mackie.

Anthony Mackie went first into the Fiesta Ring and did his Infinity War cast proud by kicking two piñatas while blindfolded. Mackie got right into the game and Jimmy Fallon had a hard time getting him out of the competitive mind frame. Mackie was definitely proud of his achievement by the end of the game.

Next up was the star of YouTube Red's Cobra Kai series, Ralph Macchio. Macchio stepped into the Fiesta Ring, wearing the original headband from The Karate Kid and did an okay job. It wasn't until he broke into the iconic crane pose that he destroyed a piñata and won the event.

Jimmy Fallon knows how to take an ordinary appearance and make it something fun. Overall, both Anthony Mackie and Ralph Macchio had a good time in their faux competition. Plus, when are we ever going to see the Karate Kid competing against an Avenger?