Director Kevin Smith is a diehard comic book nerd and many fans were awaiting his reaction to the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. So far, there have not been any real negative reactions to the epic trailer other than questions about Hawkeye missing and Thanos looking like a giant purple Homer Simpson. A lot of hardcore Marvel fans are having the same reaction, though: tears of joy. And Kevin Smith has had the same reaction. The long-awaited trailer for Infinity War is so big that people have been deeming the trailer, which is less than 3-minutes of footage, hotly anticipated.

Kevin Smith took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the Infinity War trailer and he really seems to have enjoyed what he saw. The director admitted to "bawling" during the brief clip that featured some pretty dark stuff going down with Thanos tearing apart the Avengers. Smith had this to say.

"Yes, I cry at everything. But this? This has me bawling with joy. It truly lives up to the word @Marvel! Look at that [email protected] of heroes! Take every penny of my money!"

Many fans share Kevin Smith's enthusiasm and a quick look through Reddit and Twitter reveals that Smith was not alone when crying during the trailer. It's a good time to be a Marvel fan and 10 years on, they're just getting started.

There are some pretty heavy moments in the Infinity War trailer that could warrant some tears. Bruce Banner looking up to see Tony Stark is pretty cool and seeing Spider-Man in his new Iron Spider suit is pretty bad ass, but it's some of the heavier moments that are resonating with fans. For instance, Vision getting the Mind Stone torn from his head is not for the faint of heart. Also, knowing that death is imminent for some characters is not helping matters. Watching Thanos uppercut Iron Man is an awesome sight, but it gets a whole new meaning when you think that it can be the last time that we see Tony Stark on the big screen.

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Kevin Smith also just recently gushed over DC's Justice League, declaring that parts of the movie made his "heart soar." Smith seems to be in the minority, but he chooses to see the good in the project. Admitting he's staying positive about the movie by, "grabbing all the stuff that I liked," Smith even sidestepped critics' harsh words for CGI-heavy supervillain Steppenwolf, focusing instead on Ciarán Hinds' voice work. It's all supposed to be fun, after all and Justice League does look pretty fun and it's probably not Citizen Kane, but it's not supposed to be.

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer has the stamp of approval from Kevin Smith's tears and now he's in the same boat as everybody else, waiting until May 4th, 2018 to see what Marvel has in store for the Avengers. 10-years in the making and the end of the MCU as we know it, Infinity War is going to be part 1 of the end. You can read the tearful first impressions of the Infinity War trailer below, courtesy of Kevin Smith's Twitter account.

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