Korg has become an unexpected Marvel Cinematic Universe star after Taika Waititi brought him to life in Thor: Ragnarok. The beginning of Avengers: Infinity War is pretty bleak and it cast some doubt about surviving Asgardians after Thanos and his Black Order took over the refugee ship. The Russo Brothers revealed that Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie escaped and Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige hinted that there would be more of Korg and Miek to come in the future. However, Infinity War co-screenwriter Christopher Markus shed some doubt on the beloved character's survival.

Infinity War was just released digitally this week and MCU fans have been taking down all of the special features, including the commentary tracks by the Russo Brothers and screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. We've learned that Hulk was not scared of Thanos and about a certain Sherlock joke that didn't make the final cut. But now, we've learned that Korg might not have survived the opening scene of the film. McFeely notes that some Asgardians escaped, while Joe Russo reiterates that Valkyrie lived, which kind of makes everything a little better. However, Markus ends it on a sour note by stating, "All I can say is pray for Korg."

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For now, it looks like Korg might not show up in Avengers 4 or in the future of the MCU at all, if Christopher Markus' words are to be believed. In all fairness, the screenwriter could be just making a joke, but some fans have become pretty devoted to the character and surely do not appreciate the attempt at humor at Korg's expense. For now, it will come down to either believing Kevin Feige or one of the guys responsible for writing. Sadly, it looks like the latter might be the most reliable voice in this situation.

Korg's storyline differs quite a bit in Thor: Ragnarok from the comic books, thanks to director Taika Waititi, who played the character through motion capture. Korg is one of the gladiators forced to battle each other by the Grandmaster. He speaks in a very polite, New Zealand accent and says whatever comes into his mind, without hesitation. When Thor is able to escape, Valkyrie frees Korg, Miek, and the rest of the gladiators as they led a rebellion against the Grandmaster. He and Miek soon become powerful members of Thor's new team.

It's possible that Korg won't be in Avengers 4 either, but he could still show up in Phase 4 of the MCU, if he did live. It might be time to really utilize those thoughts and prayers for Korg and more than likely Miek as well. Let's just hope that Infinity War co-writer Christopher Markus is just playing a cruel joke on fans. The unfortunate part is that we still have a pretty long wait before Avengers 4 even hits theaters to find out. While we wait to learn if Korg survived, you can head over to Marvel to learn about the rest of the bonus features that were released with Infinity War.