Production has been under way on Avengers 3 since May, with a casting call that surfaced this spring revealing Infinity War will soon shift shop to New York City. Today, we have word that this massive superhero sequel is teaming up with Omaze to give one lucky fan a chance to win a trip to that set, with Robert Downey Jr. sharing a new video teasing some of the "exclusive access" this lucky winner will receive. We also get a few brief glimpses of Spider-Man: Homecoming star Tom Holland, who is seen wearing a motion capture costume. This video also hints at a massive battle-damaged area being used by the actors. Though, it's possible that fans may not actually be visiting the Infinity War production, but instead seeing the Avengers 4 set in person.

Omaze kicked off this campaign today, which goes directly to the action on the Avengers: Infinity War set. Although that official title is never mentioned, with the campaign stating fans can win a trip to "the next Avengers film." Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige explained in an interview last month that the Avengers 4 title is actually a huge spoiler for Avengers: Infinity War, which has been filming since late January. The Marvel president also confirmed that both Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 are no longer being shot back-to-back, with the production taking a break after Avengers 3 wraps. Kevin Feige went onto revealed that Avengers 4 will start filming in August, but he didn't confirm when Avengers: Infinity War will finish principle photography. Here's an official description of the Omaze campaign below.

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"You and a friend are hanging with the one and only Robert Downey Jr. on the set of the next Avengers film. No, you didn't just die and go to Iron Heaven: This is the real deal. You'll see the Marvel Cinematic Universe come to life and watch those Avengers assemble before your very eyes. Then, as if that isn't cool enough, you'll work directly with RDJ to choose one of of the nonprofits that will receive grants through Random Act Funding, his philanthropic organization that distributes kindness in the form of financial support. In other words, you're going to become a real-life superhero for a deserving charity. Choose wisely. Flights and hotel included."

Like all of the Omaze campaigns, any donation of $10 or more will be eligible to win the grand prize of a trip to the "next Avengers film" set. Fans have until June 15 to donate, with the winner expected to be announced "on or around" June 27, although the exact date for the set visit has not been revealed. While it's possible that shooting could still be happening on Avengers: Infinity War by then, it seems more likely that this lucky winner will be visiting the Avengers 4 set when production takes place in August. Another big hint that this set visit is for Avengers 4 comes at the end of the video, when a crew member tells Robert Downey Jr. to get off the set, revealing that he has been wrapped on the movie. Regardless of what movie the winner will be visiting, there are a number of interesting perks for fans who donate more than $10 to this worthy cause.

Fans who donate $25 or more will receive a "digital badge" with exclusive artwork that has not yet been revealed, while $50 gets you a Spider-Man: Homecoming iron-on patch, $100 gets you either a Spider-Man: Homecoming t-shirt or a limited edition Robert Downey Jr. shirt, and $175 gets you both shirts. For the high rollers out there, $1,000 gets you a Funko Pop Vinyl Iron Man figure signed by Robert Downey Jr., and $1,500 gets you a Spider-Man: Homecoming poster signed by Robert Downey Jr. and $3,500 gets an autographed photo from the movie. $5,000 will get you a 1/4 scale (20-inch) Iron Man figurine, while the highest-level reward comes with a donation of $7,500, in which fans will receive an unreleased piece of concept art, signed by Robert Downey Jr. Take a look at this new Omaze video, which features a sneak peek from the Avengers: Infinity War set.