A new clip from Avengers: Infinity War was released earlier this week that features the Avengers fighting off Thanos' Black Order. Black Widow, Steve Rogers, and Falcon are featured in an action-packed battle against Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, and it appears that the Avengers have the upper hand. However, it doesn't look like they be able to fend off the threat for too much longer, if we're to believe everything else that has been released over the last handful of months. While we know that Carrie Coon is playing Proxima Midnight, it now looks like Peter Dinklage is Corvus Glaive.

It was officially confirmed that Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage was in Infinity War when his name showed up on the official payoff poster released with the final full-length trailer. Dinklage had been spotted in Atlanta while filming was taking place, which led to immediate speculation that he was playing a part in the epic movie. The rumors proved to be true, but nobody was certain who he was playing.

The main clue that Peter Dinklage is playing Corvus Glaive of Thanos' Black Order was given out by directors Joe and Anthony Russo. When asked about his role, the directing duo noted that we would recognize him, but "it might take you a beat or two." Taking that clue and mixed with the two words of dialogue that Corvus Glaive spits out at the end of the new Infinity War clip, it is pretty much guaranteed that this is Peter Dinklage wearing a finely tuned digital mask. The voice is the dead giveaway here, and it certainly takes a second to notice that it's him. This has not been officially confirmed by Marvel or the Russo Brothers, so you can make your own conclusion.

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Corvus Glaive is the general of Thanos' Black Order in the comic books. The character is deadly and described as a tactical genius with combat mastery. His weapon is said to make him unbeatable and he's reportedly immune from injury, which makes the new Infinity War footage pretty interesting. Glaive appears to throw his weapon at Steve Rogers, which he catches and is later seen on the ground injured. Could this all be a clever plan?

Infinity War is only a few days away from the world premiere in Los Angeles, which will be the first time that many of the cast will see the entire movie for the first time along with the press and some lucky fans. Peter Dinklage's mystery role will officially be revealed in a few days, but it certainly looks as if he's playing Corvus Glaive, as evidenced by the new clip and the bits of information that the Russo Brothers revealed. You can check out the clip below, provided by the Good Morning America YouTube account and decide for yourself if Corvus Glaive is Peter Dinklage.

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