This is certainly exciting news for Marvel fans who have been impatiently waiting for Infinity War to hit theaters. Marvel Studios announced today that the movie will now officially be released on April 27th all over the world, which is one week earlier than the original date. The April 27th date was originally intended for the overseas launch, but for reasons that are not clear, the studio has made the date the official worldwide release date. While no reason was given, the decision was probably made to avoid leaks and spoilers for the North American audiences.

Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios announced the date change on Twitter this afternoon, shocking American fans. Marvel fans are ecstatic that they get to see the epic Infinity War one week earlier than they intended. Deadpool 2 was recently bumped up as well, which also features Josh Brolin. This should give Infinity War time to dominate the box office for three consecutive weekends before the release of Deadpool 2. It's been projected that each of the three big releases in May will take the number one spot at the box office, including Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Now that the release date of Infinity War has been bumped up, presale tickets should be announced shortly. Black Panther presale tickets went on sale roughly 6 weeks before the release date, so it seems logical that an announcement is imminent. It will be interesting to see how the presale does compared to the record breaking Black Panther presale, but it will likely be a lot higher and will probably crash the systems like a Star Wars movie.

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Infinity War has released one full-length trailer and one TV spot thus far, which means not a lot of footage has been released at all, especially for a movie that is less than 2 months away from hitting theaters. Marvel fans have been clamoring for more footage ever since last summer when lucky fans in attendance of the D23 Expo and San Diego Comic Con were treated to some truly epic footage that showed off the villainous Thanos taking a moon out of orbit to throw at the Avengers. A lot of the footage that was shown over the summer has yet to be seen anywhere else, making it almost mythical to hardcore fans who were not able to see it.

Infinity War's new official release date is April 27th, which is less than 2 months away. Hopefully some more footage from the movie is teased out in the next handful of weeks to fully prepare us all for the beginning of the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we know it. Again, expect a presale ticket announcement shortly. This is a developing story and more news is expected to drop really soon. Until then, check out the announcement of the new Infinity War release date below, courtesy of the Marvel Studios Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick