Are you desperate for some more action from Infinity War ahead of the movie's release? This new Quicken Loans commercial may just scratch that itch. Marvel and Quicken Loans have announced a new collaboration, which is centered around a co-branded television commercial campaign in addition to a Rocket Mortgage product placement in the opening scenes of Infinity War. This commercial shows off Iron Man, in his fancy new suit, along with Wong and Doctor Strange in action as the city falls apart around them.

This Avengers: Infinity War commercial is part of a fully integrated campaign which includes additional co-branded content through digital videos, online ads, social media and more. While the idea of a partnership between Marvel and a mortgage loan company may not sound all that exciting on the surface, it means we're going to get some more glimpses at the movie over the course of the month, which matters for fans. Here's what Casey Hurbis, Chief Marketing Officer for Quicken Loans, had to say about the partnership.

"By teaming up with Marvel Studios' 'Avengers: Infinity War', we are not only able to produce fun, energetic and creative content, but the campaign also provides Rocket Mortgage a strong opportunity to connect with current and future homebuyers. Rocket Mortgage is the best platform for consumers to be Super-Hero-level confident when buying a home."

Let's speculate a bit, based on the info given with this new commercial, shall we? Quicken Loans is said to be featured in the opening scenes of Avengers: Infinity War. This commercial takes place in New York, with Doctor Strange and Iron Man duking it out with forces of evil. We know that they, along with Wong and Bruce Banner (who can be seen if you look closely), will be in New York during the movie, in addition to Spider-Man. The official email from Marvel and Quicken Loan says this 'co-branded commercial spot' is 'based on one of the opening battle scenes from the film'. So these New York fight scenes we've seen in the trailers take place in the beginning of the movie? Not only that, there will be more than one opening battle scene? Start out with a bang! Here's what Mindy Hamilton, Marvel's Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships & Marketing, had this to say.

"This campaign is about embracing confidence and feeling empowered, just like our heroes do. It's easy to be envious of the super powers that we see in the film, but Rocket Mortgage is reminding us in a fun way that we have tools at our disposal to conquer whatever obstacles lie ahead. We're excited to welcome everyone into this new little pocket of our universe."

Joe Russo and Anthony Russo (Captain America: Civil War) direct Avengers: Infinity war, in addition to next year's Avengers 4, which will conclude Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Infinity War, which finally brings Thanos properly into the MCU, arrives in theaters on April 27, with pre-sale tickets available now. If you don't already have your tickets, you may want to grab them sooner rather than later, as the movie is expected to break records on opening weekend. Be sure to check out Quicken Loans for their Infinity War spot.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott