Infinity War is only a little over 2 months away from hitting theaters and now a new rumor suggests that it will be the longest movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe history. The overall scope of Infinity War will obviously need some time to cover all of the bases and introduce team ups as well as the members of Thanos' Black Order, so a longer running time makes a lot of sense. Even from the short amount of footage that we've seen from the first trailer and TV spot reveal that there's a lot going on in a relative short amount of time and it truly feels that the promotional footage released thus far has barely scratched the surface.

The new Infinity War runtime rumor originates from SM Cinema, which is the largest movie theater chain in the Philippines. They reportedly launched their presale tickets for the epic movie today and a Reddit user took a screenshot of the synopsis and other details, including a 2-hour and 30-minute runtime. Additionally, the screenshot lines up with the international April 25th release date, which is a week before the movie premieres in the United States.

The Russo Brothers may still be actually working on the final cut of Infinity War, so this could very well be a placeholder of sorts, since the movie is still a little over 2 months away. However, the runtime for The Last Jedi leaked in September, well ahead of the December release date, and it ended up true. 150 minutes seems just about right to cover everything, especially considering that the second piece, the still untitled Avengers 4 hits theaters almost exactly one year later and will likely be the same length.

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Captain America: Civil War held the previous record at 147 minutes, so Infinity War is reportedly only 3 minutes longer. Civil War introduced some new team ups in the fracture of the Avengers and featured the big screen debut of Black Panther, so there was a lot going on there too. Now we're familiar with all of the characters that will be in Infinity War, so that part is taken care of and we should have a lot of action to look forward to when the Russo Brothers finish the final cut, if it hasn't been already.

Infinity War premieres in theaters on May 4th and on April 25th internationally. It's important to note that this rumor has not been officially verified by anybody from the MCU, so we'll take this with a grain of salt for the time being. However, the runtime does fit into what we've seen before and makes a lot of sense, considering the huge scope of what the movie sets out to accomplish while staying within the attention span of moviegoers. Basically, there's no reason not to believe this report at this time. The Infinity War runtime report originated on Reddit, via the Marvel Studios Sub Reddit.

Kevin Burwick