A new Russian behind-the-scenes featurette shows off some new Avengers: Infinity War footage. In the latest preview, Don Cheadle's War Machine can be seen in some serious danger during the Wakanda battle scene. Marvel fans have been hearing a lot about the epic Wakanda fight sequence, which as Anthony Mackie says is 25 pages of script alone. The number of superheroes on the screen during the giant scene is unprecedented and it looks intense.

The new Russian Infinity War featurette mostly focuses on Wakanda, showing Steve Rogers, Black Widow, James Rhodes, Bruce Banner, and Vision stepping off of a Quinjet in the secluded country. Banner humorously bows when meeting T'Challa for the first time, getting a good laugh out of Rhodes. Elsewhere, there's unseen footage of the heroes banding together to fight against Thanos and the Outriders who have taken over Wakanda. There's new footage of shields getting placed as well as the tease of a new scene with Steve Rogers on the Quinjet before touching down to meet T'Challa.

The most interesting footage from the new Infinity War featurette has to be War Machine getting tossed by what we can assume are some Outriders. The edit of the clip makes it look like Thanos is delivering the punch, but as we've seen in other clips, this footage of the Mad Titan is actually him delivering what could be a deathblow to Iron Man. War Machine gets tossed down hard, though, leading us to believe that there's going to be some pretty substantial damage if the character can even get up at all.

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As with all of the footage that has been released for Infinity War so far, the new behind-the-scenes featurette does an amazing job of teasing how massive the movie is going to be. The Russo Brothers and Marvel boss Kevin Feige revealed that they shot the entire movie on IMAX cameras as opposed to just the action scenes to give the audiences a feeling of full immersion, a thought that was at the forefront of the production of Infinity War and the still untitled Avengers 4. Even looking at the trailers and TV spots on a computer gives hints of what the moviegoing experience will be like, which is pretty impressive.

Infinity War is almost upon us, with the movie now officially one week away from opening as of this writing. However, many fans will see the movie sooner with the Thursday night previews and through other ways. It's definitely an amazing time to be a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan. Now, let's just hope that the movie can live up to the immense hype that it has built up for itself. You can check out the brand-new footage from Infinity War below, thanks to the Russian Marvel YouTube channel. The War Machine footage starts at the 56-second mark.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick