Marvel fans have been looking for Easter Eggs in the latest Infinity War posters that were released earlier this week. The new IMAX poster features two little Ant-Man cameos, while the new character posters don't really seem to have any hidden features. This is especially evident when glancing at the new Spider Man poster. Fans have taken notice that Tom Holland's Spider-Man appears to be "tucking in" his business, which is causing a minor stir on the internet.

This attention to detail first started when Marvel fans freaked out over Chris Evans' butt being on full display in his Captain America Infinity War character poster. Both Cap and Bucky have posters that highlight their backsides, while Tom Holland's poster appears to have had an airbrushing mishap, erasing his Infinity stones. Spidey looks like a Ken Doll, and as previously mentioned, fans are accusing the superhero of "tucking" it in. The same can be said for the recent cover of a magazine as well.

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The whole controversy surrounding the anatomy of these Marvel superheroes appearing in Infinity War brings to mind Jason Lee's Brodie character meeting Stan Lee in Mallrats. Brodie is obsessed with the genitals of Lee's creations, asking rather specific questions about The Thing and Mister Fantastic that are pretty inappropriate. The same can be said for everybody freaking out over Captain America's butt being on full display, which is a pose that he stole from Black Widow and a pose that Bucky has now stolen as well. When it comes down to it, Peter Parker is supposed to be a teenager and Marvel more than likely doesn't want to sexualize him, even if that means erasing his Gauntlet gems.

There's a lot to be excited about for Marvel fans right now, but many are starting to go a little nutty while impatiently waiting for Infinity War. We've got people threatening to eat Infinity War posters if Hawkeye's not in the movie as well as one person, that we know of, getting a Hawkeye tribute tattoo. Now, it's Spider-Man's genitals and Cap's butt. One has to be afraid to ask what it's going to be next... At least there's only a few weeks left to wait before the movie finally hits theaters.

Infinity War fever is a very real condition, and it causes fans to do some outlandish stuff, like accuse Marvel Studios of having Tom Holland "tuck" it in. Butts and lack of genitals won't make a dent in the box office juggernaut that Infinity War is tracking to become. New estimates have it beating out The Last Jedi, which featured a topless Kylo Ren and taking aim at The Force Awakens to become the highest grossing opening in history. You can check out some of the more humorous things that fans had to say about the Spider-Man Infinity War character poster and its lack of Easter Eggs below, courtesy of Joshua Masson's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick