Yesterday, the Russo Brothers teased the release of the long-awaited full Infinity War trailer, but did not say when. However, that has all changed now that Marvel Studios has officially announced that the trailer will premiere tomorrow, March 16th. In addition, a new TV spot appeared with some new footage that also announces that the trailer is for sure coming this Friday. No other details were given, but more news is expected to drop soon. Typically, Disney has used ABC's Good Morning America to unleash major trailers, like the first Infinity War teaser and the trailers for The Last Jedi and Black Panther as well.

As for the new footage, we hear Thanos saying, "Avengers, the end is near," which is the first time that we've heard that come from the villain. There's also a quick shot of a ship crashing into Titan, as well as a shot of Iron Man soaring into the sky. The announcement of the Infinity War trailer leads many to speculate that the rumors of the pre-sale tickets going on sale will be true as well. But, this has not been confirmed by Marvel Studios or Disney and is based off of a screenshot from Reddit. The screenshot is apparently from an AMC employee that talks about the pre-sale tickets going on sale tomorrow as well as some special early screenings. While that has not been proven to be true just yet, AMC did announce that they're going to do a massive, 31-hour Marvel screening to prepare for Infinity War.

It was announced a few weeks ago that the release date for Infinity War was bumped up one week, which makes the official release date April 27th worldwide. The decision was made to thwart spoilers that would undoubtedly leak onto the internet with international theaters receiving the movie one whole week in advance, much to the delight of North American Marvel fans. Special screenings will be held on the 26th all over the world with contests in North America that will reportedly allow fans who purchase tickets earlier enough to see it first on April 26th.

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News of the Infinity War trailer dropping tomorrow comes at the perfect time. More promotional material has started to get released, which has led to slight spoilers. The Soul Stone seems to be one of the biggest spoilers traveling around the internet right now and many believe that some recently released merchandise blows the mystery. Additionally, new artwork has started to come out that is shedding some light on Thanos' Black Order for the first time since they were unveiled as statues at the D23 Expo over the summer.

The wait is nearly over. The trailer for Infinity War will officially be released by Marvel Studios tomorrow, which just leaves the question of where and when. It will more than likely be in the morning to get maximum exposure, but will it come with the announcement of regular and IMAX pre-sale tickets as well? We'll just have to wait and see, which isn't a bad thing since we only have to wait one more day before some new Infinity War footage is released. The "Give Trailer Infinity" movement has caught the attention of Marvel Studios, much to the delight of Marvel fans. You can check out the official trailer announcement below, courtesy of the Marvel Studios Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick