This coming November will be quite a big month for Marvel Studios, for two important reasons. First of all, their second Phase 3 movie Doctor Strange will debut on November 4, and second, at some point during that month, filming will begin simultaneously on both Avengers: Infinity War Part I and Avengers: Infinity War - Part II. There still isn't much we know about the story at this point, but we do know that the main villain will be Thanos, played by Josh Brolin. During a recent interview, the actor shed some light about getting prepared to play the Mad Titan.

We got our first brief glimpse of Thanos during the post credit scene of 2012's The Avengers, but he made his first full-fledged appearance in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy. This powerful villain also showed up in the post credit scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron, wielding the Infinity Gauntlet as he started his quest for the Infinity Gems. Josh Brolin recently spoke with Comic Book Resources, who asked the actor what aspect of the character he was most excited to portray in this superhero adventure. Here's what he had to say below.

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"Yeah: where's the humanity? There's parts of him that are unfounded to me, which will be found. That's all I'll say."

Josh Brolin is no stranger to comic book movies, having played the title character in 2010's much-maligned DC Comics adaptation Jonah Hex. The actor admitted that he has shied away from big-budget movies in the past, but when the opportunity to play Thanos came about, he didn't hesitate. The actor also revealed that he reached out to one particular Avenger to ask for advice after landing the role. Here's what he had to say.

"I'm very happy. I'm very excited that I'm doing it, and I'm not just saying that. I'm actually -- I think it was a very good decision on my part. I know that I've shied away from bigger-type movies, a few of them. Even though there was a lot of money involved and all that, nah. I don't see myself in that. I don't really want to go in that direction right now. Whereas when this came along, I said, 'Absolutely.' There's just something I love about what they're doing, and I'm really, really pleased that I get to play this part. The last thing, I talked to [Mark] Ruffalo. Ruffalo's been a friend for a long time, and I just said, what do I have to look forward to? And he said, man, the first time I did, the first movie as Hulk, was really embarrassing because I'm out there and I'm like on cinder blocks and shit trying to act out this stuff for other people. And then I saw the movie, and he says, I'm so blown away that I couldn't actually wait to get back there and to do all that stuff again that I found embarrassing in the beginning. He says, 'You're going to have a blast. You're just going to have a blast.'"

In a separate interview with Moviefone, Josh Brolin talked about the first table read for the Avengers: Infinity War script. The actor revealed that he was genuinely blown away by the script, while teasing that the mighty Thanos will essentially square off with the Marvel Cinematic Universe's entire roster of superheroes. Here's what he had to say below.

"It all comes down... these stories... these Avengers stories all come down to this conclusion, and that's our involvement. Basically, my character against everybody. And it's really fun what they've chosen to do with the story. I think it's brilliant, personally. I was blown away, and had goose pimples pretty much 50% of the time that I was listening to what was going on, and pretty amazed that I'm going to be involved in it. So it's a big thing that's coming up."

Anthony Russo and Joe Russo are directing both Avengers: Infinity War Part I and Avengers: Infinity War - Part II from a script by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who wrote all three Captain America movies. Marvel still hasn't released a full cast list or plot synopsis quite yet, but hopefully we'll get more details as we get closer to the November start date. We'll be sure to keep you posted with any and all updates regarding Avengers: Infinity War and the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole.