Thanos has been teased in the MCU ever since he made an appearance back in 2012 in The Avengers and later in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1, but his presence has mostly been a shadowy one until now. Avengers: Infinity War is putting all of the cards on the table in a 10-year culmination for the MCU. While many have yet to see Josh Brolin as Thanos, fans that were lucky enough to catch the short teaser of footage at the D23 Expo and San Diego Comic-Con have been raving about watching the Mad Titan throw a planet. And now Brolin himself is claiming that Thanos is "next level" in Infinity War.

All eyes are certainly on Josh Brolin to step up to the plate and play the ultimate big bad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after a string of awesome villains from Kurt Russell's Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 all the way to Hela in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. there's an air of anticipation and curiosity surrounding the Russo Brothers' take on the Mad Titan and whether it will live up to all the hype and the comic story line. Brolin addressed this in his recent interview with Collider and has put some fears to rest.

Josh Brolin's excitement for his latest comic genre roles has been infectious from his take on Cable in the upcoming sequel to Deadpool all the way up until Infinity War and Avengers 4 as Thanos. While speaking to Collider, Brolin stated his feelings on what the MCU has pulled off this time. Brolin had this to say.

" I can't tell you definitively, but how I feel right now and what I've spoken to the Russos about and Feige, absolutely. It actually more than pulls it off, and I think what they're coming up with based on what I've done, I think is next level."

Josh Brolin is certainly hyping up Thanos in Infinity War and it's starting to make the wait for the next summer seem like an eternity. Brolin went on to reveal that the character of Thanos wasn't set in stone when they all began collaborating on the movie. Apparently, not even the Russo Brothers knew themselves just how complex that Thanos would turn out after all was said and done. Brolin explains.

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"I think they were very happy where they said, 'We didn't really realize that Thanos is going to be as complex as he is,' and I think they were very appreciative with the stuff that we're bringing to it."

This is exciting, but also reassuring news to here from someone who was intimately involved with the creation of the Mad Titan for the big screen. As previously mentioned, fans are already pumped up for Infinity War and the new trailer can't come soon enough. In a surprise twist, Josh Brolin also brought up an interesting influence on Thanos. Apparently, the Russo Brothers were citing The Godfather when talking to Brolin about the character. Brolin had this to say.

"Look, I got Joe Russo who's constantly resourcing like The Godfather and, 'You have a gun to his f%[email protected] head.' I'm like, 'I love you so much. The fact that you're taking an Avengers scenario and you're turning it into a Godfather thing for us to be able to kind of hang our hat on is great, and to emotionalize the whole thing."

It certainly looks like we're going to be seeing more of a three dimensional Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War and that is definitely a good thing. Infinity War opens on April 25th, 2018 and hopefully that trailer drops soon. You can check out more of the interview with Josh Brolin courtesy of Collider.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick