Josh Brolin admits that Infinity War may have been the "most fun" he's ever had filming a movie. Which makes a lot of sense, since Brolin is portraying the villainous Thanos in the upcoming Avengers sequels. Infinity War will be the first time that we get a substantial look at Brolin as the Mad Titan, and the excitement has reached a fever pitch ever since the first footage was shown to the lucky attendees of the Disney D23 Expo and San Diego Comic-Con last month. Little bits of the footage have shown up online in poor quality, but fans are hungry for whatever they can get right now.

Entertainment Weekly recently sat down with Brolin to discuss his role as Thanos and the actor revealed that he has had a blast making Avengers: Infinity War. Brolin explains.

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"I love doing Avengers, it's maybe the most fun I've ever had. I just saw a little snippet of it, and it was amazing. The cutting-edge technology of what they're doing, what I've seen is absolutely mind-blowing. When I saw it on screen, it was me, but also not like me. It's really strange."

Brolin and the rest of the cast were all blown away when they got to see the first footage at the D23 Expo, which was also exciting for fans. Brolin mentioned the special effects work that is putting him on screen, with the actor brought to life through the magic of CGI. Fans are still waiting for an official trailer, which should be dropping in the near future, but it will be a lot different from the footage that made its debut last month. Brolin says that fans haven't seen anything yet in response to what was shown off at D23 and Comic-Con. Brolin, comparing it to the finished product, exclaimed, "What they saw is not even close." Now, this is some exciting news because those in attendance were truly blown away by what they were teased with.

In addition to playing Thanos for the MCU, Josh Brolin is also playing Cable in 20th Century Fox's Deadpool 2 along Ryan Reynolds. Brolin has been on the set of Deadpool 2 in Vancouver, B.C. for the last few weeks and fans have only recently gotten their first real look at the actor as Cable and one thing is abundantly clear: Brolin has bulked up considerably to play the mutant and one has to wonder if his new physique will affect his filming of Avengers 4, which has recently started back up again, but in Atlanta.

All in all, it is always nice to hear that a veteran actor is having the time of his life doing what he does and Josh Brolin definitely fits that bill along with Robert Downey Jr., who will battle against Thanos as Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4.Avengers: Infinity War opens on May 4th, 2018 and then Deadpool 2 follows just a few weeks later on June 1st.