Marvel has released a jaw-dropping new Avengers standee featuring all of the superheroes at the heart of this sprawling tale, along with a new Japanese poster for Infinity War and a second international one-sheet. Ever since the full-length, final trailer for Infinity war made its way online, Marvel has kicked the marketing campaign into high gear. Luckily, that hasn't resulted in spoilers making their way online, but we've seen quite a few posters and TV spots for the upcoming event that will celebrate an entire decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in one majorly epic movie. Now, we have a bunch of new theater displays to salivate over, featuring the heroes of the MCU ready to go to war with the Mad Titan himself, Thanos.

The Japanese poster in particular is done in the style of the recent group posters that shuffled the various heroes into teams. Only this time, all of the major players are here, with Thanos looming very large in the background. Spider-Man is in his Iron Spider armor, Tony has on his new Iron Man suit, Cap is rocking his new beard and Black Widow is blonde. This is all stuff we've seen previously, but seeing it all together like this really serves as a reminder of just how much new stuff is going to be coming our way when the movie arrives in a little under a month on April 27.

Given that Marvel decided to bump up the release date from May 4 to April 27, that not only means that we get to see Infinity War sooner, but it also means that information about the movie is coming our way sooner. The press tour for the movie should be kicking off shortly, so we'll be hearing a lot of the cast trying to answer questions about Marvel's most secretive movie to date without spoiling anything. It's also possible that fans are going to have to be diligent when it comes to avoiding spoilers, as people are going to start seeing the movie soon and, even though there are embargoes in place on official reviews, you never know what spoilers may still make their way online.

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We'd also be remiss if we didn't play our favorite new game with this Avengers: Infinity War poster; where's Hawkeye? Yes, just as Clint Barton has been in every single piece of marketing, including every bit of footage and every poster so far, The Avengers' resident bow and arrow man is nowhere to be found. Directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, who recently changed their banner image on their Facebook page to a photoshopped Infinity War poster that features nothing but Hawkeye, have assured us he's going to be in the movie. He's just not going to show up until we actually see the movie.

Black Panther set the bar very high, but Avengers: Infinity War is set to break box office records on its opening weekend. Pre-sale tickets are available now so, if you're a big Marvel fan and haven't scooped them up yet, sooner rather than later would be better. Be sure to check out the brand new Japanese Avengers: Infinity War poster, along with the other new international one-sheet and this super-sized theater display, all from Marvel.

Avengers Infinity War Standee

Avengers Infinity War International Poster

Avengers Infinity War International Poster 2

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