How are Tony and Steve getting along in Avengers: Infinity War? When we last saw Iron Man and Captain America together on the big screen during Civil War, a lot of heavy stuff went down, and Tony Stark still might have some ill will towards Steve Rogers. The deception that happened might make it pretty hard for Stark to use that flip phone Rogers sent him at the end of Captain America 3, which Robert Downey Jr. discusses without giving away too much about the highly anticipated movie. We'll just have to see how divided the factions within the Avengers are when they go up against Thanos.

The new trailer for Infinity War shows Tony Stark and Star-Lord teaming up, which looks pretty annoying to the billionaire genius. However, it's not as bad as having to fight side-by-side with Captain America at the moment. In a new interview, Robert Downey Jr. reveals that there is some betrayal that's still fresh between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, which is understandable since Winter Soldier killed Stark's parents. Downey Jr. likens the betrayal to Obidiah Stane and 1980s rock band Journey. He explains.

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"To me the big question is could he ever in clear conscience pick up that flip phone Cap sent him at the end of Civil War. That is really it. For me I think back to Obidiah and that deception, and it's one of those things. It's why Steve Perry never went back to Journey."

Robert Downey Jr. obviously can't say much about Infinity War and the relationship status of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. The actor claims to not know if the duo spend any time on the big screen, but then added that if he were Tony Stark, he'd probably end up hitting Cap in the face. Downey Jr. also talked about his real-life relationship with Chris Evans. He had this to say.

"I feel like my instinct would be to bust his jaw. All I know is that there's something about being on camera with Evans. I hate to say it, but I don't know what I'm gonna do when he's not Cap anymore. I look at him and think this is the truest, most down moral psychology I've ever seen and then they go, Cut! and Chris is like, Hey buddy, I gotta get out of here. I'm like, You wanna go to dinner? Nope. Okay! Love you! Love you, Cap! I mean, Chris!"

Robert Downey Jr. has talked a lot in the past about going out as Iron Man on top and not wanting to ever put out something that he considered to be sub-par. This has led many to speculate that, since his contract is up, these movies will be the last time we see him as Tony Stark. Even the trailers for Infinity War make it look like the end is near for the character, but when asked about it recently, he wasn't as definitive. He says.

"I could project all kinds of stuff. I could get into the black dog. Whatever you want. Or I could stay, spiking it in the end zone until I have to be carried off. I'm looking forward to whatever resolution is in the cards."

Robert Downey Jr. is clearly excited about the upcoming release of Infinity War, but he seems to be even more excited about teasing fans and giving them just enough to speculate about. Infinity War is going to be brutal, but are we going to see a tense reunion between Iron Man and Captain America before it's too late? It seems likely that the betrayal will have to be addressed at some point, and maybe Thanos uses it as a weapon against the two Avengers. You can read the rest of the interview with Robert Downey Jr. and his thoughts on the Captain America and Iron Man feud at Empire.