Infinity War, the third Avengers film, is quite possibly the most highly anticipated film of the year. Fans are more excited than ever for the culmination of their favorite Marvel heroes. Despite the fact that the film is less than a month away, however, the actual occurrences of the film still remain a mystery. Because of this, fans are anxious to get more footage from the film, trying to grasp what it is we will be seeing when the film is actually released.

The latest TV Spot for the film was just released, and gave more footage and audio from Infinity War, rather than just reusing already-shown footage from previous trailers. The Spot opens up with a narration from Gamora saying, "He won't stop until he destroys half the Universe. Everything you know, everything you love, it will all be gone." This is a continuation from the film's second trailer, which also opened with Gamora speaking of Thanos, but in different words.

The trailer continued to give us a closer look at Thor, who, despite having more screen time in the movie than any other hero, has had his parts strangely limited from the trailers. We see Thor, seemingly on his knees, saying, "Together, we can stop Thanos." Based on what we know of Thor's journey in the film, he is most likely talking to Loki, trying to convince his estranged brother to help him defeat Thanos rather than siding with the Titan. Alternatively, he could be speaking to Rocket and Groot, who we know Thor teams up with for a portion of the film. Regardless, it is great to see that Thor's driving focus in the film is to defeat Thanos, rather than to just replace Mjolnir as some of the promotional products have shown.

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The TV Spot closes with the fight scene from the film we have seen the least of: the brawl between Captain America's Secret Avengers and the Black Order. This scene first appeared in the San Diego Comic Con footage, but was notably absent from both released trailers, so it is nice to see more of this fight develop. Even though we only get glimpses of the confrontation, we are able to get a much clearer glimpse of what we will be seeing in this part of the film.

First off, we see Scarlet Witch protecting Vision, who is seemingly unconscious on the ground, but still bearing the Mind Stone in his head. We then see Black Widow swipe an attack at Corvus Glaive, one of the two members of the Black Order present at this scene. "We don't want to kill you, but we will," Black Widow tells their alien foes, as she stands next to Captain America and Falcon. The team stands together to seemingly defend Vision and protect the Mind Stone.

The marketing for this film so far has been genius. While most action films like Infinity War tend to reveal too much in their trailers, seemingly giving away the entire plot, Infinity War itself has managed to reserve most of the surprises. We've seen the action and we've seen the driving force of the film, but we still remain completely in the dark of what will actually go down when the film is released. Avengers: Infinity War releases everywhere April 27, 2018. This latest spot arrives direct from Marvel.