Marvel Studios has started to slowly unveil new bits of footage from the upcoming, highly anticipated Avengers: Infinity War. The new TV spots have had a lighter tone from the full-length trailers and most of the comedic relief featured in 2 new clips that debuted over the weekend comes from the Guardians of the Galaxy. In a brand-new scene, teenage Groot gives Peter Quill some attitude while Drax the Destroyer and the rest of the crew are stunned by what he says.

As with the rest of the footage for Infinity War that debuted over the weekend, most of the footage is culled from the previous trailers that we've seen, and then a new clip shown at the end. In the latest TV spot, the Milano looks like it's about to see some heavy-duty action, which prompts Peter Quill to ask teenage Groot to put his electronic device away. Defiant Groot doesn't comply and instead offers up a rather nasty, "I am Groot," which is apparently some really foul language that the Guardians crew are shocked by.

The previous TV spot featured Thor floating through space and then crashing into the Milano, which led to a humorous situation with Drax the Destroyer admiring Thor's manly physique and unconsciously roasting Peter Quill in the process. The Russo Brothers have definitely tied into the core of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel fans cannot wait to see how they interact with the rest of the Avengers when Infinity War hits theaters in about a month. We've already seen Peter Quill annoy Tony Stark and Gamora explain who Thanos is, which means there will be a balance between the humor and seriousness when the Guardians are on the screen.

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Some fans may be a little scared to see that there was quite a bit of new footage for Infinity War released over the weekend. However, nothing has been spoiled in the slightest. Instead, Marvel Studios has been giving out a little bite-size treats that have focused on some of the more lighthearted moments of the upcoming epic movie. Most of the official trailers have shown off a very dark Thanos-centric view of the movie, which it will reportedly be, but there's also some light mixed with the shade, like all Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

On the other hand, some Marvel fans are insatiable and want a lot more than what has been shown off in the new footage from Infinity War. This proves that the studio will never be able to please everybody, but they still do a pretty good job of balancing between the two as most fans would agree. You can check out teenage Groot being a brat in the new Infinity War TV spot, courtesy of the Dr. Movie News Twitter account as well as some more of the new scenes below.

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