Thanos appears to have the Soul Stone in the latest TV spot for Infinity War. The scene is very brief, but it certainly looks like the Mad Titan has the mysterious stone that Marvel fans have been speculating about. Most of the promotional material for the latest Avengers adventure has shown the Infinity Gauntlet with 2 or 3 of the Infinity Stones, making the rest of them a detective mission for impatient fans.

First off, you can't see the whole frame in the YouTube version of the trailer. Instead, you have to watch the Twitter version where the shot is visible at the 24-second mark. You can clearly see that there's an orange stone in the Infinity Gauntlet when Thanos appears in Wakanda. The first stone that we've all seen is the purple Power Stone, which was seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 when it was in the Orb. It has been believed to be under the care of Nova Corps since then.

The next stone shown in the new Infinity War TV spot is the blue Space Stone. The blue stone powers the Tesseract, which Loki liberated from Asgard at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. The Space Stone can be used for teleporting and is seen shining the brightest in the new trailer when Thanos appears in Wakanda because he used it to teleport, presumably to get the Mind Stone from Vision. The Space Stone is obviously taken from Loki, as we've seen teases in previous trailers and TV spots. It isn't clear if Loki survives giving up the Tesseract from what we've seen, but if anyone has some tricks up their sleeve, it's Loki.

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The next stone is the pinkish Reality Stone. Last seen in the Aether in Thor: The Dark World, it was left with the Collector. The Reality Stone can convert matter into dark matter, and almost has a lifelike existence that can cause it to bond to a living host, like a parasite. Thanos obviously has the stone in his possession now, though it isn't clear how he and his Black Order obtained it, a mystery that will be solved in a few weeks when Infinity War hits theaters.

As for how Thanos obtained the Soul Stone, or where it was, that remains to be the big mystery. Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has debunked a recent rumor that the stone is hiding out with Adam Warlock. There have been other rumors linking the Soul Stone to Tony Stark and even Thanos' home planet. There's even a theory about the location of all of the stones spelling out the name Thanos. T - Tesseract, H - Heart, A - Aether, N - Necklace, O - Orb, S - Scepter, with each letter corresponding to where each stone was hidden.

This would leave the heart to be the location of the Soul Stone. It's a pretty far-fetched theory, and it seems a little too obvious for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but anything is possible. While we wait to learn the location of the Soul Stone, you can check it out in the new TV spot for Infinity War below, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment's Twitter account.

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