Marvel Studios has released yet another TV spot for Avengers: Infinity War, raising some new questions. This latest footage features an intriguing scene where Spider-Man is seen falling back down to Earth from Thanos' Q-Ship. We've seen footage of Tom Holland's Spider-Man on the Q-Ship a few times before, but something is definitely off. Again, nothing is really given away, but it begins to paint a picture of how things could go down when Infinity War hits theaters.

The new TV spot for Infinity War begins with a trip to Wakanda, followed by Thanos arriving, and then flashes of Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. But it's the next piece that is most intriguing. Spider-Man is seen on Thanos' Q-Ship without his mask, falling back down to Earth after possibly being knocked unconscious. This is probably where the footage of Iron Man rocketing up into the sky comes from, in an attempt to save Peter Parker's life.

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Throughout the promotional campaign for Infinity War, we've seen Spider-Man on the Q-Ship above New York City. Upon closer inspection, Peter Parker is shown both in his normal friendly neighborhood Spider-Man costume as well as the new Iron Spider costume that he turned down from Tony Stark at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming. This new TV spot features the older costume, leading one to speculate about the reasoning behind seeing the two different costumes on Thanos' Q-Ship. A popular theory suggests that most of the Avengers end up getting obliterated by the Mad Titan, only to come back to life, thanks to the Time Stone.

It could just as easily be theorized that Tony Stark is able to save Peter Parker from the fall. After saving his life, Stark will have a more compelling argument for the use of the Iron Spider costume, but this is all speculation at this time. Anything is possible when looking at all of the TV spots and trailers that have been released for Infinity War so far. Even though Marvel Studios has been ramping up the promotional game pretty hard in the last few weeks, Marvel fans still really have no idea what they're in for when the movie hits theaters in a few weeks.

Elsewhere in the new TV spot for Infinity War, Thanos is shown using the Power Stone with a massive punch in mid-air. It's not clear exactly where that punch will connect, but it's a safe bet that it's either Spider-Man or Star-Lord, judging from the background of the scene and comparing it to previously released spots. You can check out the latest TV spot for the mighty Infinity War below, and judge for yourself about the Spider-Man costume theories. Does Peter Parker temporarily die, or does Tony Stark blast up to save his life? The new spot comes to us courtesy of the Marvel Studios Twitter.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick