Vision's Avengers: Infinity War death is the focus of some recently unearthed concept art. Vision had a big part to play in the movie and Marvel Cinematic Universe fans knew something drastic had to be done. With the Mind Stone implanted in his head, Thanos was going to come hunting for him in order to complete his plan. Earth's Mightiest Heroes did everything they could to stop the Mad Titan, but they could not keep him from getting everything he needed to Decimate half of the universe.

It appeared that Scarlet Witch was going to be the one to save the day in Infinity War, but that was not the case. While many assumed that Thanos would obtain the Mind Stone, there was still hope that Vision would be able to live, thanks to the technological wizardry from Wakanda. Instead, Scarlet Witch had to kill Vision to keep Thanos from getting the precious stone. The Mad Titan then used the Time Stone to reverse everything, resulting in two deaths for Vision.

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Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding posted the Infinity War concept art featuring Vision with the Mind Stone ripped out of his forehead. It's kind of graphic and might be unsettling for some MCU fans. The hero is all gray and has a stunned look on his face. As is the case with nearly all of the concept art shared over the past few years, this is excellent quality. It also goes to show how much planning goes into making a movie at Marvel Studios, especially when the concept art doesn't even make it into the movie.

With Vision dying in Infinity War, there were a lot of fans hoping that the character would be brought back in Avengers: Endgame. Things did not work out that way and it appears that most of the deaths were final. Gamora also died in the first installment, though she is still alive in another timeline. Tony Stark was killed in Avengers: Endgame after making the mighty snap with his version of the Infinity Gauntlet. Black Widow is also dead after she sacrificed her life for the Soul Stone on Vormir. Captain America is gone, along with Vision.

So, how will Vision be back in the upcoming WandaVision series? For now, that is unclear, but the show certainly looks pretty interesting from the little amount of footage we have seen. The series is set to premiere late this year on Disney+, though it could end up getting pushed back. Most of the entertainment business is on hold at the moment and there's no telling when everything will be up and running again. Luckily, the show was able to wrap production before everything came to a grinding halt. You can check out the Infinity War concept art featuring Vision's death below, thanks to Ryan Meinerding's Instagram account.